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Do you remember?

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Pat are't you glad we have color, sound and good reception now. I am


Oh, yeah, I remember the zzzzzzzzzzz, and that's the size I was trying to express when I compared the console and the screen to a car trunk and a side view mirror! We all got REALLY up close and personal to watch! :-)))


Do all of you also remember that this would only play for a short time then it would turn to "snow", the black screen with white fuzz all over it and the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound until you turned off the TV???? Ours was a 4 ft. tall and three foot wide RCA with a 6 in round screen that you had to sit in front of on the floor to see anything even if I was only 6 and had perfect eyesight.


I figured it was for that, but, given the usual poor reception from rabbit ears (ours were wrapped in tin foil) and the rather imprecise controls the TV had back then, there wasn't much we could do to make it better, so why rub it in by showing us how bad it was?!! LOL! :-)))


If I say "yes", will it date me? :)


2 dog, instead of playing God save the Queen, ours playing the Star Spangled Banner. Our first TV was also a RCA with a round screen in a cabinet with rabbit ears. As long as you held the rabbit ears the reception was fairly good. Do you remember Industry on Parade?
Pat, They were testing how sharp the black and white and the sound is ok. Silly but it was something to watch. I remember when the first person in the neighborhood had one, we all would rush over and watch it. Did not really cared what was on but hey it was better than movies.


I do, too, but not with any Indian on it, just a large center image like the one here. Never did understand what they were testing, or if our screen passed...! My aunt and uncle had the first TV in the family, and the cabinet was the size of a car trunk, and the TV screen the size of the side view mirror! (Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration--but not by much! LOL!).


Sure do. It came on at night when broadcasting was ended for the day and in Canada they played God Save the Queen and the same thing in the morning when it came back on. I think our first set was a cabinet style RCA black and white.


Lucy, Dimples and Pat We used to watch this pattern because nothing was on the TV, hoping something would be coming on soon.


Oh dear do I remember .. Thanks Jan for a great set..

I sure do remember that. We had an Andrea TV set.


Yes i do , we had a bendix tv set in our home......