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Flowers on Plaid for Josie

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I love plaids and I love Josie's plaid puzzles so this one is for you, Josie, with my thanks. :-)


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I'm so happy you found this and like it, Josie. I, along with many others, really appreciate your wonderful plaid puzzles. :-)


Dear Barb, thank you so very much, your puzzles are always a treat, but this one knocks my socks off.


Thank you, Willy. I'll be visiting you at some point today to see your puzzles. :-)


Nice puzzle and a great thing to do,
Willy. :-)


Wish you could send some of that heat my way, Gwen, but not all of it. Summer comes soon enough with the hot, hazy and humid weather. Would love to have about 4 good months of spring weather. :-)))


We are down from the mid 80's for a few days here, so I am enjoying the last few dregs of cool weather. Soon we will be hot and the landscape will lose its color in the dryness.

I hope spring comes soon for you. The cold can be so wearing after a long winter.


Thanks, Ardy. I hope Josie knows how much we appreciate her plaid puzzles. And I notice that recently she has been adding more flowers to her plaids too.
Glad your rehearsal went well last night - fingers crossed for the end of the month. :-)


How sweet, Barb. Josie told me once that she loves flowers even more than plaids. I think you found the perfect combination for her. When I started on Jigidi Josie's plaids were the first I started looking for as opposed to just surfing. And I still love them. Thank you.

Rehearsal went well last night. That group is so supportive. I'm still not sure we can provide music for worship by the end of the month though. We'll see. See you later.


You're very welcome, Gwen. So happy you think it looks like spring, and let's hope the weather cooperates because it's been far too cold lately. :-)


It is a spring bouquet! Thanks for this pretty delight of a puzzle.