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I had to shovel today... but I eventually got out of my driveway

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OK I will check that out, thank Treker!


JJ- Left you a puzzle @ treker!


Jetmech...40 degrees... I will believe it when I see it! Never trust those weather people... it used to be that the good days were always 5 days away....but this is the first year...that for two months...there really haven't been more than one or two really good days! And now the good day is still 10 days ...sooner later their prediction will be right because one day spring will actually come may not be until May...but it will come...

Nicky, yes we have probably about a foot of snow on the ground or close to it.. defintiely one of the coldest and snowiest winters in our history here..unfortunately... Just extremes these days ...three years ago..we were having our 2nd mildest winter in history..boy that was wonderful...
Thanks for stopping by to chat!


My my, you guys have had a lot of snow! Not a flake here yet - just rain, rain and more rain, and high winds. That sky looks amazing in the picture, JJ. Just look at it like a good work out - at least you don't have to travel to the gym for it lol!


Its really been a rough winter Janet, I hope your right about 40 degress in 10 days , People would probably break out the shorts after all the cold weather we've had.


Yes, JM, there always is more on the way..Wow, you have really gotten a lot of snow...I don't envy you...We got a little under 19 inches in January and I think our normal here is about 10 inches site said 6.9 inches is average for our area... so we are either nearly doubled or almost almost tripled on snow fall..but the our average temp for Jan is usually 27 degrees...but this year it was 15 degrees!! So yeah, we are having a severe winter for sure...weatherman says it will be about 10 days before we see 40 degrees..Well, I just hope he is right about that!!!


We got hit here to and there is more on the way...


We got that much yesterday in Michigan too ,but my drive way sure isn't that long Janet. By the tracks ,looks like you got out. I'm starting to get tired of shoveling , we've had over 60 inches this winter so far and more coming Saturday. Think spring Jim , thanks for showing us.


Glad to have found your site-filled with beauty and laughs. You have a GREAT sense of humor.Love Mags responsetoo. Still smiling. Guess we should have warned poor Bob! :)


BRRR! That looks cold, JanetJane. I'm stunned that you've had so much snow this year. We Aussies are boiling down here and you guys are freezing up there! Funny old world. Janet ♥

Help is on the way!


I know Treker, and the part you see is about 2/3 's of it...and the remaining third is because it is an L shaped driveway... so no matter what direction the wind blows from, I am going to get drifting on it somewhere! Most winters we usually don't get so much snow, so it really isn't too big of a deal...but this year we have had , I think, three times at least the normal it is a factor this year.


Longggg driveway!! :-(