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From Buffalo (and Vermont) to Sue, Gail and All My Forum Friends

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Whatever your weather - enjoy it!


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So very late for the Friday party in Buffalo! I'm sure there'll be a similar party today. :)
It didn't get into the single digits here last night....HURRAY! Hope your temps are on the rise, Cheryl!


It's 7:30 a.m. here in west central Florida (Largo), and it's currently 58 degrees. Nice and cool for this area. I feel sorry for those of you who are suffering with the cold. Cheryl, 19 below zero? Wow. I don't know how you do it. I hope that the coming storm doesn't affect you too much.


Thanks for your comments, Friends. Gail and Rosy, we were 19 below night before last but a balmy 37 today and will be a little warmer tomorrow but then another storm coming. I figured you could get a little giggle from this one. I just hope the day time temps stay above freezing so the sap will start running for sugar season - a big part of our economy and a make or break for some folks. Enjoy your weather whatever it is. Sue, hope its good for your trip!


Beautiful gorgeous day here in south Florida! clear blue sky, light breeze, cool temps (cool meaning just under 75F) :) If I didn't currently have a few - thankfully only a few - irritating health issues I would be outside working in yard, or going to the beach or visiting gardens and what not. But alas I am home, working puzzles, earlier did some shopping. Limping around on one good foot. hahaha
nothing serious. I couldn't sit outside like that even on balmy days here at home! I just do not like laying about, or being out in the sun. If cool enough I could sit outside for a few minutes in shade and watch the dogs walk around. Ha. Neat picture, and like Sue said, only sat long enough for a quick picture. LOL


It was so warm last night (31 degrees) that Ouahib grilled outside! Rosie, are you ready for the 40s tomorrow! Yeah!


Hey, it was 38 degrees here in the Twin Cities, Mn. and I had windows and my front door open. The sun was shining and it was time for some fresh air in here. Now it smells much better and my doors and windows are closed again and the heat is back on!!! It will be down to zero again tonight but, at least, we had a good day!!!!!


I bet he ran back inside seconds later. LOL It was about 68 today, with bright sunshine, in Central Florida. But from what I read, Buffalo has truly brutal weather almost every winter. Thanks Cheryl for the great puzzle.


Hahaha, that's how it is here in Wisconsin, too!