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For Patti~You're Not Alone

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We're with you in spirit, and are thinking of you constantly. Be strong, my friend!


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It's a Patti kind of puzzle for sure, and nice thought.


We're here for you. Hang in, one day at a time. You'll make it.


Thank you again, TS, and everyone else for your kind thoughts, prayers, & wishes. I've had lot of family visiting, but it's slowing down now so I'll have to grow through it all. So comforting to have such kind-hearted jigidi friends! Thank you all!


Amen to that, Sis! You are in our prayers, Patti!


Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments, and the prayers you send up for Patti. And Patti, just take your time, it'll all fall in place when the time comes. Rest well in the knowledge that you're loved more than you know, by us, your family & friends, and our Father in heaven. It'll be all right.


Thanks Tex, Patti is in my mind all day. I just would I could be closer to her, to hug.


Beautiful puzzle and lovely thought Tex.


tex, I've come at this puzzle the opposite way 'round, after seeing reference to it in Patti's puzzle. What a beautiful and thoughtful card, trying to comfort her with the things that she loves. You are a special friend. Thank you for giving us another space to express what is in our hearts. You have a good soul. (Michelle)


Awww, thank you so much, TS! You always know what I like! The robins are beautiful, and so is the message. You all DO make me feel less alone! I used to spend many evenings with my jigidi friends, and I will continue to do so (if sporadically at first.) Thank you, TS, and everyone, for all your support!


Lovely puzzle Texasstar, My thoughts are with Patti too.


3 fat robins, I wonder, are they fat or do they just fluff their feathers to keep warm?


Thank you, Chooks, Morris & Maryrob. I'm sure she can feel our love and compassion at this time.


Beautiful in every way.


Very nice tex, so does mine!


A beautiful thought, tex!


Thank you, she loves birds, especially Robins. And snow, too. My heart goes out to her.


What a nice puzzle for her tex.