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Alien Sky :)) I

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75 solves
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Thanks to you Deborah for dropping by and leaving this lovely comment. :)))


This is just lovely Dagmar! Thank you! :)))


I sure do, as here the snow is only very rare and doesn't involve any clearing it away. Here we only wait a while until it is gone. I only remember one year with snow just before Christmas, when my daughters were small. It was wonderful, as having grown up in the north, even today, I still associate Christmas to snow, even though here Christmas usually goes with sun, clear skies and cold but no snow. I would have loved the Plaza Mayor with snow, it would have been wonderful. :)) We went there this year as well but a bit after Christmas. It always is very beautiful with all its lights and stalls. :))
It's nice to know that you had a lot of fun in Morocco and it is perfect that you post the photos so that I can travel without getting tired. :))
If you ever find that photo, let me know, I would love to see the Plaza Mayor with snow at Christmas time. :))


Morning Dagmar! Yes, we had a great trip. Growly and BB particularly liked the belly dancers!
And now we're back to the snow! It's very pretty and at least our roads are clear. Freddy loves it and runs round like a crazy dog. Unfortunately his long coat collects a lot of snow and our house has a few little puddles where it melts !
I remember one year when there was snow in Madrid . Somewhere I have a photo of my friend
buying a Christmas tree in Plaza Mayor with snow all around! I hope you are enjoying it!


Good evening PJ, "interesting" is a good word for this world because it definitely doesn't seem very friendly and peaceful. :))
Thanks for your visit and have a good night. :))


Hi Hester, don't worry about not visiting, I hardly ever make it to any place, but even I have noticed that you have been away and two days ago I saw that you had a lovely time in Marrakech. At the weekend I'll try to travel with you a bit, it looks very interesting. :))
Good that you found the puzzle scary, that's what it was supposed to be LOL, and beware the swamp monster that hides somewhere out there. :))

Thanks for dropping by and welcome back to the cold. :)) Today it has been snowing a bit even here.

P.S.: Keep Growly away from it, who knows what the swamp monster and he might get into. :))


I'm glad you liked it, I suppose the eerie atmosphere isn't to everybody's liking but I loved the ghostly look it had and posted it even though I knew that not many people would do it, but I'm happy that you liked it.
I was lucky with your snow sending. This morning it started to snow a bit and for a while it seemed that the snow might stay, but then it started to rain and that was the end of it but at least I saw a few snowflakes. Thanks for sending them on :))


Definitely alien, Dagmar - wonder what universe this could be? :-) Very interesting creation.


Hi Dagmar! I haven't been to visit in a while and just look what i've been missing! I agree that this is an otherworldly scene. Scary swamps and who knows what lurking in there! Fun!! Thanks! :-))


This is really beautiful, Dagmar. I think I;m seeing winter trees against a sky filled with the northern lights display. No snow here. I told "them" to send it to you. Perhaps it melted on the way. Thanks for a beautiful and delightful puzzle.