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One Horse Open Sleigh, hand painted ornament

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This is another one of my hand painted creations, I painted from a photo of my Nephew and his wife going for a ride in their sleigh, with his horse and his little dog "Zip", along with the hanger I made to go with it.


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Thank you photogent, that sounds like sound advice. On average, it takes 3 hours to paint one ornament. I am an oil painter first off, but I try to put the same quality of painting onto each ornament. I'm a Virgo, so nothing goes out, unless I'm satisfied with it and it's right.
My picture taking skill are something to be desired, but I try. I've thought about putting together a catalog with the understanding, if ornaments are duplicated, no two are ever exactly the same.
I sold one for $25.00, and the lady didn't blink an eye. (seeing her reaction, I thought, why didn't I ask more). Now this may sound corny but, Kincade was a wonderful painter of light, but I want to paint to give a memory. The first painting I sold was the hardest to let go, it felt like a piece of my soul went with it.
Your friend sounds like she doing very well in business! A wonderful talent, I can imaigne most orders would be of family pets.
Thank you for your advice. I'll take it to heart.


A picture of talent. Nicely done, healer.


WOW! this is a work of love and art. I wish you were close so I could come and photograph them. My friend sells on e-bay and has a large group of people who want her work. She does dogs out of fur and they look so real you want to tell them to sit and stay. She gets $600-$1200 each and has demands for her work. Don't go with only one company or group or you will be trapped. You can go to craft shows in the area but remember, if you sell it too cheaply they think it is cheap. Price points are important and do not go to the cheap arts and craft shows because those people are looking for something for nothing.


Hi Jack, Thank you so much. It's a labor of love. It's so nice to have the time to go back to doing someting from the heart.

If I don't get the chance, Happy New Year!


Hi Pat, thank you, I'd be interested in learning about the web site. Like I told Michelle, I'm don't know much about marketing, I just paint. So I really am open to marketing ideas. And should I go exclusive with one site, or company....or multible? Thanks, Jeannie


Thank you Michelle, my New Years resalution is to build up you all hold me to that!
I have to get marketing savvy, which I'm not. I would welcome you on my customer list.
Some I've done, people want plastic orniments so they won't break, especially for children.
I always use glass to paint on, unless otherwise requested. I like designing wire hangers to go with the theme of the ornament when possible, guess I shouldn't give away TOO many secrets!
But you are too nice. Hugs back to you.
I am feeling better, the wrist is still a little sore. The brusing is yellow and green, so that's about gone as well. The Doctors aren't done with me yet, but if they want to do anything else to me...they'll have to CATCH me firist!


it's a piece of art,
beautiful sweetie!


Are you thinking about Etsy, Pat?


Healer this is gorgeous. There is a web site that has a lot of different people that make different things and sell them. I will find where it is for you. It is something to check out. I found it when I was looking for something to send to my SIL's aunt in Vegas. Have a Happy New Year Pat


Jeannie, this is absolutely gorgeous! I am in deep covet mode right now. What a talent you have...and the idea to fashion the stand like a horse... !! (The still horse crazy gal is thrilled with your subject matter but you probably couldn't reactions being as subdued as they are...) You have to do something further with this....(I know that I'd want to be on a customer list...) *hugs* you beautiful, talented woman, you! (How are you feeling, btw?)