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In the Woodland (small)

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12 pieces
63 solves
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Wow - this is really something, Fay! I love the patterns you've used and the way they're arranged, and I like the red and yellow frame - thank you!! ☺︎♥︎


Such a sweet pattern! Thanks Fay. (❛ᴗ❛)


I've known several people who say we should feed any of the animals in nature but I also know that the Audubon Society approves and encourages bird feeding.


Thanks for that Ardy. I'm wondering whether putting necessary things out for the birds may have started our Christmas custom of hanging pretty things in Christmas trees. I think it'd make lots of sense.


Fay, people who have feeders say that just before a big storm they will be a feeding frenzy by the birds. They seem to know when to store up as much as they can so they can get comfy wherever they nest. In climates like where I am it is important to feed the birds especially when natural food is not available. I don't have any place to put a feeder that I could get to in case of snow like I have now. One of my cousins has three different ones. One for sunflower seeds, one suet and I'm not sure what the other is.




Thank you Pixiedit. I'll keep that in mind.


I often think about birds in your cold conditions, Ardy. We're warned not to feed consistently, because it could make birds dependent, but in your climate perhaps humans are the only reliable source of food and feeding every day might be a good thing. ?


Thanks Jerri. Lots of big happy smiles to you!


Wonderful! I love nature puzzles!


Lots of birds flying around your trees looking for a place to make a nest perhaps. Lovely puzzle, Fay. They would find no place here today. Lots of snow. It's been the heaviest during this last hour. I measured 13.5 cm (5 inches) about 4 hours ago. Maybe that will tell you how much your lovely warm puzzle is appreciated. Thanks.

So glad you got a new computer. Wow...I can only imagine how excited you must be.
Great seeing you back on line.
Be doing more puzzles now.

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