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Happy Bugosi New Year To All!.....

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Wishing all followers and non-followers a very happy and prosperous 2013, from the Bugosis in Bonga-Bonga!.....


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Eek! You've become someone else at p-d whatevers! Sure got a good laugh from that one!


Oh, and please remember that New Year in Bonga-Bonga is 2 days earlier than your part of the world......


Oh drat, this time difference mullarkey isn't working out since the end of the world was cancelled. 11 Months it is then, best get the sprouts on now.


Happy New Bugosi Year, end-of-your-tether!........I do however feel that you are a little late to the party, as all the guests have left..........come back in eleven months time and you will be first in line for next year's celebrations......


Happy New Bugosi Year to you, - any tadpole wine left? Hic...


We all join in wishing you the same, thousands-of-cakes!........


HAPPY NEW YEAR Bugosi family!!! Wishing all a healthy, happy, prosperous 2013 filled with love, peace and many friends.


Oh, nice to see you again, pretty-little-puzzle!.......A Happy New Year to you too, also, as well, and I wish you continuing good fortune with your own puzzles!.......


Happy New Year to you, and all your oh-so-interesting cast of characters. It has been a joyful delight to read of your antics. May 2013 be just as fascinating!


Hellooee number 6-at-the-race-track!.......Strange as it may seem, we are not really with these monkeys at all!.....It is an ingenious piece of trick photography, using the latest effects in photo manipulation, perfected by our own master of the camera-always-lies, Hippolytus!........(The monkeys were actually at the bottom of uncle Bluebottle's garden..........I can assure you that they are happy, in fact they are now in uncle's bedroom - causing mayhem!).......And a Happy New Year to you......


Thank you for your kind wishes and may I return them to all the Bugosis in Bonga-Bonga... may you prosper and live long!! Was this family photo taken at a zoo in Bonga Bonga? I wonder if maybe a few left over Christmas boxes and some wrapping paper might cheer them up... they seem to have no toys!!!


Thank you, raincoat-infusion and octo-multi-momma.........(I can assure you that no monkeys were harmed during this production)......
As for 'the missing one'.......I have ordered a full investigation into the circumstances of his escape from Bugosiland.......I have sent agents from the BUgosi Secret Escapee Service (B.U.S.E.S.) out on the road, and if they don't break down on the journey, the pensioner....I mean, passenger, will be apprehended......


Do join you in your appeal, June, we miss you patsquire!! Please!!


Ah dear Mr Squirt, gone but not forgotten and missed by many, can you forgive us our trespasses? I know you're out there and I would like my squirty back please


Happy New Year to all the Bugosis, SLOGs and Hippolytuses. You've been a delightful addition to Jigidi. Alas, the poor monkey on the left looks bereft, yet the monkey on the right looks as if he's about to do a Pee Squirt...


Happy New Year to Lela and the Bugosi clan.
And a Happy New Year to everyone in and\or visiting the enchanted realm of Bonga-Bonga!!
Looking forward to many more marvelous adventures.


Monsieur-numbers.......(If you don't mind, we're trying to maintain a certain standard of decorum here......and if you do mind, then you may carry on)......
dollar-vision......Thank you for your wishes.......Happy New Year to you too (or one) - I am dispensing with nerd time forthwith and henceforth in Bonga-Bonga......and we shall begin with YEAR 1 B.U.T.T. (Bugosi Temporal Time)!......


A most joyful and prosperous New Year to all in Bonga-Bonga, most especially all the Bugosis! I will be in 2013 in three hours and eight minutes...but not according to nerd time for which I have not the necessary patience or inclination to figure....


(Lelabugs I never heared it called a piece of straw afore)


pd-thingy......I am considering taking the Squirt to court for dereliction of duty, deserting his post, defamation of character, and disappearing from Bonga-Bonga........BTW, has your daughter found the true path of Bugosihood yet?........
Hanne, I think he/she is just playing 'hard to get'.....


Oh, thanks for the explanation, now - that grumpy thing ought to be glad to get attention really, come on silly, smile!!!


Thank you, Bonga Bonga Bugosis, for your lovely wish, and I wish the same to all of you as well, in addition, also, too!

Where is out resident villain, anyway? I've seen his comments on a number of other puzzles over the past few weeks, so he's on Jigidi.... It's just too pleasant and friendly and polite without him...! :-)))


Thank you, precious-pebble........Just a quiet night at home (with a glass of the finest Tadpole Wine of course!).......Happy New Year, when the time comes in your neck of the woods!....


Hope your new year started off well, lela...8 1/2 more hours for us to go! :)))


Night, Junee.....Oh....she's gone!......
vixen-preceded-by-the-one-and-only.........I've just tried poking (so to speak) Mrs.Bugosi with a piece of straw........and she told me to grow up!.........(i cannot grow anymore)......
Anyway, a Happy New Year to you too, also, as well......


Well your wishes are granted (for at least a little while anyway) - I woke up smiling on the first lovely day of a new year - not a bad way to start the year at all :) Here in my corner of Aussie, it's a beautiful summer day, blue skies and beautiful beaches.

Then to top that off is M'sieur Bugosi's inspirational thought that when you see someone looking unhappy you have a choice - you can poke them with a stick - tickle them with a piece of straw - and refuse to let them get away with being sad!

Some research suggests that when we smile, our brains release neurotransmitters that lift our moods, and when we smile at others, even though they may not be aware of it, others also experience a lift in mood. Here's cheers to a whole new year of poking! Happy New year everyone :)


I think he is trying to make the miserable one laugh, some hope. Hope you are all having a happy New Year, my son, daughter and grandaughter are out at the pub next door and I am off to bed where my kindle and sudoku awaits, 'night all


I thought it was a piece of straw.........fear not, Hanne-with-pipe, they are cheeky monkeys!.......Happy New year....again!.....


But what ARE the monkeys doing?? Is it a leash and why?? I think we have wished each other a Happy New Year a couple of times, but one more doesn't matter really - and for all Bonga-Bonga friends too!! I'm worried about the monkeys....!!


Well Mr.Numbers........after having calculated the time of the Bonga-Bongan New Year, according to your excellent directions for nerds, and recovering from the shock of discovering that it was in fact two days ago, it only remains for me to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW etc. and so forth and so on.........that is assuming that you have not gone to the North Pole - in which case, keep warm!.......


(That poor monkey needs some cheering up. Perhaps some tadpole wine would do the trick?)

And additionally Happy New etc. and so forth as well.


Thank you Bubba..........try not to get into too much TROUBLE next year!.......Best wishes to Jenny and yourself.......(I swear I wasn't laughing about your Christmas tree!)....
And thank you bookie-person, for your regular visits to Bugosiland!.......Happy 2013!.....


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! To 2013 When Bonga Bonga is finally admitted to the World Society of Arts and Letters!! (WSAL) or Wassail or Whatsis. Thanks Lela for a splendid 2012! I look forward to the New Year and all my Jigidi Bonga-Bonga friends. Peace!!


Thanks very much Lela, the same back to all of you and Bugosi friends..........including The Squire whom a lot of us miss. Enjoy your celebration or non-celebration tonight and careful with that TP wine!! I look forward to more fun in 2013.