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Wishing everyone at Jigidi, young and young at heart, a Happy Christmas Eve!

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Thank you Mo, such sweet wishes dear one. You are a Jigidi treasure... Happy Christmas Eve and a Joyful Christmas day..... :) :).


Really nice combination of images of a time when a doll was a precious treat to treasure, and not a Barbie with twenty outfits each more outlandish than the next...
Happy Christmas Eve to you, too!


Thank Bunny, something special about dolls and Christmas for us girls : ).


Adorable! Thank you!


Thank you elf, yellowgal, Missy and Patsy! Having a lovely Christmas Eve, hope you are too!

Thanks for your kind wishes and I send them back to you tenfold. Merry Christmas to you and yours from a young at heart/


Thank you! And also to you!

Little girls & their dolls, how very precious; a very Happy Christmas Eve back at you, sparkles!!!

Kinda slow this morning
Merry Christmas to all of you