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Have fun all my Jigidi friends and stay happy!


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Roadworn, thanks so much for your kind comments. That's a blessing to me!! I didn't know when or if I'd be making puzzles again. I made my first one today since I caught a serious chest cold, which is very hard on me. Praise God my lungs survived it, and this is the first day I had any energy. I'm not tip-top yet, but I'm smiling. My new puzzles is rather basic; I didn't want to wear out, so we'll see if it's any good. I hope I get to know you so please keep in touch. Smile!


HeyJude, I hope you are well. Your beautiful designs are such a joy, I would have never thought you are living with the challenges you have. Please take care and know you are a blessing to many through your puzzles in cyberspace.


Cindy, don't ever worry about snooping. If I have something I want to keep confidential, I will communicate differently. So, you have permission to get to know me. You seem like a wonderul person yourself! I will answer older comments you've made, but not today. I'm not doing well at all as my cold is in my lungs. I'll let you know if things deteriorate more. You're such a delight, and I hope we develop into friends who enjoy having fun! Keep that smile!!

Just a short note to tell you that I have added you to my prayer list. I sort of feel like I'm snooping into your life when I read your communications, but I'm glad to be getting to know you better. Obviously, you are a very special lady to have so many friends that send you notes. I have to now and then or you'd never know that I am enjoying your puzzles since you'll never see me on the board. Keep smiling!


Kirsten, don't know if you're still checking for a response, so I'll keep this short. I'm still struggling but posted a puzzle today, and that feels good. Yes it does give me great satisfaction to do anything creative. I've been messing with my colored pencils and doing some official doodles with my official doodling pen and shading pencil, too. However, this week I'm just doing minimal stuff. Just wanted to thank you for all you've said and appreciate your very kind heart! Hugs.


Judy I'm sorry to hear that life is full of such challenges for you. You've certainly come to the right place for meeting terrific people. And the best distraction of all is making your beautiful digital art. I hope that it's a powerful distraction for you.

I'm very glad that you have a carer - I can see how that really opened up your life. How fantastic. And she's a friend! Bonus!!!

And I agree that real views, and real sounds of nature are best of all. I just googles "stop dog digging up plants", and there's loads of suggestions and advice. Maybe one of them will work for you? I hope so.

Please excuse my brevity, but I must post my puzzles now. Take care Judy. And I'm in awe at your strength, composure and optimism. :)))


Kirsten, I really appreciate your thoughts about my garden, and I have had several people offer to get a new one started and now have someone to care for it. The problem is that I have a roommate with a dog who loves to pull up plants. We are thinking of trying one rose bush, hoping the thorns will be a deterent. If that works, then we'll see what else might work. I have a volunteer crew coming over in a few weeks who will hve that on their list. :-)

I loved looking at the trompe l'oeil websites and will consider that as a last resort, and I also have a couple cds with nature sounds on them; birds, rain, ocean waves, etc., but the real sounds and views cannot be beat. I thank you so much for caring enough to give me that information. My door is almost all glass (French door), so if the dog doesn't chew/pull up the flowers, I'll be able to see them. All I see now are empty flowerbeds, but I pray that can change.

I am on oxygen and the tubing can only go 25 ft., any longer and I don't get enough oxygen. I have a portable machine but I need help when I use it because I am in a wheelchair if I must walk beyond the bedroom. In the room, a walker will do. My caregiver/terrific friend comes 3 times per week, so she will be helping me get outside. Our arrangement began only a couple of months and I LOVE it. For the first time in years, I can go shopping, restaurants, etc. Before she started coming, my whole social life outside the home was connected to dr. appointments. So, you can imagine how my world has opened up!

That's the story of my life. Also, I find ways of not only coping, but also enjoying life. My faith has helped me in more ways than I can list. It seems like my prayers are answered even with the tiniest requests, so I'm delighted. I do miss my husband, but I'm also happy he is no longer in any pain himself. Someday I'll join him, but for now, I do believe my needs are being met as best they can be. He so wanted to outlive me, because he felt it was his responsibility to take care of me. He was a sweetie. Turns out, my church takes very good care of me.

Hope that wasn't an overshare, but I felt like you were concerned. I do hope this didn't sound at all terrible, because I would feel I miscommunicated my situation. I eek out as much joy as is possible eachand every day. I just live with more constraints than many, but I'm happy and especially enjoy all my new friends on Jigidi. So thanks, my friend for adding joy to this day.


Hi Judy. I don't usually come back to read the comments, but our cheeky Edie told me about her quip on your other hodge podge puzzle where I said I was 90, and I checked this one thinking it was the one.

I'm very sorry that your garden is no longer flourishing. Would it be possible to get someone to look after it for you, to try to restore it? I know I would need to do that, as it's VERY important to me to be able to see mother nature from wherever I am. I could never work in a windowless office. And whenever I am home, have the blinds open, and the windows open if weather permits too.

Second option could be a "trompe l'oeil" on your bedroom wall. I don't know if you know of it, but it's where you create your own view. Here's some more information about it:'%C5%93il

And then you could also listen to beautiful sounds like bird calls or waterfalls. I would have to do something like that, or I could go mad. Seriously.

I also wanted to say that I'm very sorry about the loss of your husband and your poor health. I do hope that you are coping ok, and starting to enjoy improved health. Take care, Judy. :)))


Judy - I'm busy at work, and try to get Jigidi time in between the rest. I enjoy being here :-)))


Kirsten, I had a nice reply mostly done when I got interrupted by something. When I looked for the reply it went somewhere else, perhaps with those lovely magpies. Thank you soooo much for linking me to Rob's picture and to the link of magpies chirping away. Now I can hear them whenever I want, even when there are birds nowhere to be found outside.

Your comment about where you sit on your couch with the window open brought back bittersweet memories of when I was able to garden. I painted and stencilled some lovely bird houses and put them up around the garden area. I got to see several families come and go, a lovely experience. My husband converted the back porch to a study, and my work area looked out over the garden; it was wonderful. He died, I'm no longer able to use that room for various reasons, so I've converted part of my bedroom into an office/craft area. He also put a door in our room where a window had been. It is a French door with glass panes, allowing me to see what now is no garden at all, so I don't get very excited looking out. However, I do love to hear my birds and don't know what kind they are. I am in awe of them, so I find joy in the little things that often get ignored by those with busy days.

I'm extremely thankful for the ability to create online and talk to friends like you. It opens up my world so much. So chirpping birds and people commenting are really high on my list. Thank you soooo much. I love learning new things about people too, so thanks for sharing your likes with me. Have a great day/evening! :-))


EDITED VERSION TO JO: thanks for once again leaving me a very nice comment. I do hope people find something they like in my puzzles, and today I find you like birds. I'm right there with you and have used them in several of my puzzles. I love to hear their chirping outside; it's like a gift from God saying I know you are there. It always makes me feel special. Thanks for knowing I'm here too.


Lovely hodge podge Judy! Thank you so much. :)))

And I love birds too. I Jigidi on my laptop, on the couch, with my windows open looking straight out into my garden. Every now and then I have to stop what I'm doing and check out what's happening in birdland. One of my favourite birds is our Magpie. For reasons that can be revealed if you go to a puzzle that was posted just today, in an amazing coincidence by Rob, a fellow Aussie. See my comment on her puzzle, and the link I posted in my comment, for why I love it so much!!



Edie, so you like grub, huh? How about bait?


Very enjoyable hodge podge Judy. Keep serving them up and we'll be waiting in the grub line.


Jo, thanks for once again leaving me a very nice comment. I do hope people find something they like in my ppuzz;es, and today I find you like birds. I'm right there with you and have used them in several of my muzzles. I love to hear their chirping outside; it's like a gift from God saying I know you are there. Ir always makes me feel special. Thanks for knowing I'm here too.


PJ, thank you for your kind remarks and I'm glad you liked this puzzle. It's always good to see your name amongst my comments. I've been looking at your great puzzles and solved a couple, but, alas, I had no energy to leave comments. Trust me--they are terrific, so let's continue to be a mutual fan club. How are you these days?


Barb, that was a good time, you quick one. However, it looks like 19 others were a wee bit faster. Again, they miss out on smelling the roses, or perhaps seeing the artistry. I'm glad you liked it, because my inspiration was a little lacking today, even thought that didn't rob me of the joy of creating with a program I knew nothing about 6 months ago. So, I feel like celebrating any time I finish a design. :-)). Don't worry; I behave. Thanks again and keep smiling.


They are all pretty designs, and colors, but the birds in flight are awesome!! Thanks for the fun!! :)


Judy - yes, I agree with Barb. Wonderful and fun composition :-)


Love your hodge podge collage, Judy. Wonderful mix of images and colours. Fun to solve. :-)