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Sit slow down

24 pieces
75 solves
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Sorry big orange lady I was lost in the moment.
Thank you shirley.


Stop with being nice. You make my eyes leak.


Another beauty, Thanks PG.


Thank you one and all now I have to go in and get deflated or I will be too high to get any good shots of mother earth.
Possum I can push the shutter and the camera does the work along with a little help from my friend Lightroom.
Pumpkin relax you need it after all you have been through this month.
Thank you again Nellies.


Photogent, this is exqusite!!! Nothing else to say except to agree with all the other comments. Thanks.


Nudge me from the bench in a few hours. I have things I need to do. Right now, however, a quiet sit on the bench is calling me.


You are very accomplished, PG - - not everyone can consistently push the shutter release.


The buzzing in your ear will bring you back to reality Celeste.
YG a "pack person" is a person who can carry my camera equipment in the back pack along with a tripod, lunch,water and bug spray. I can push the shutter release myself thank you.

Looks like a peaceful place. . . sit with a thermos of great coffee & maybe a book; but i'd sure be out of there when the light fails!
and a 'pack person' does what exactly, PG?


I could lay there and listen to the sounds of nature.. :)
thanks PG


Stomp lightly Pat the ground is very soft and you can wake up creatures best left sleeping.
Cevas thank you very much.
Sally I just let the camera do the work all I do is lug it around unless I have a pack person with me.
Thank you Robryan I almost fell asleep.


I think I will sit down for a bit and get my breathe. It's hard for this old broad to do all this stomping through the swamp. Love the picture thanks........


Yes, I agree. This is an amazingly beautiful picture!! Thank you, photogent.


Amazing stuff you do with light.... Thank you so much.... :) :)


Very peaceful PG - thank you.


Thank you young lady.


A beautiful shot young man!


Not in the summer Lyndee. Thank you.


Oh my goodness PG, this is beautiful. I could sit on that bench all day!