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Portal Peak, Alberta 2010

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Invisible River
Two rivers flow from Bow Glacier. You can see one from here as it plunges over Bow Glacier Falls. The other is invisible. It is a river of cold air.
As air crosses the icefields of the Great Divide, it is refrigerated. Cool air, being heavier than warm air, flows down into this valley. This flow of cool air has made the valley floor less hospitable to trees, creating a double treeline where the subalpine forest of the valley walls is sandwiched between treeless alpine meadows above and below. Glacier-cooled air creates similar double treelines in many high valleys. Look for the same phenomenon at Sunwapta Pass in the Columbia Icefield area. You can find out more about life in the alpine meadows by visiting Bow Summit, just 3 km north of here.
The Bow Glacier Falls Trail leads to the base of the falls. To reach the trail, leave your vehicle here and walk past Num-ti-jah Lodge. Trail length: 4.3 km (one way). Elevation change: 150m


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thank you Margreeth, beautiful place


Beautiful Picture!!!!


Beautiful jr! Thanks for the description too.