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Sherman in Normandy

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As a belated ammendation, I have researched this vehicle, which is on display at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, near Omaha Beach. It is NOT an M4A1, but an M4A4T. The T designation means that a new radial engine was installed, probably by the French, and possibly post-war. It is unlikely that this Sherman saw action in Normandy.


Hi, Larry! If you just Google M4A1 tank, there's a ton of info on this. Thought this one was interesting:

My Father commanded a small group (sorry, I don't know the proper name) of tanks in Okinawa. One of the pictures in the first of three Wikipedia articles about this tank reminded me. The tanks they used were flame thowers which they used to clear out the last of the Japanese soldiers in the caves. Have no idea if they were Shermans.

The sign says it is an M4A1. Anybody got a better idea?