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Come Journey With Me

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48 pieces
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I will have to give the stretching thing a try. I have never used it before either have noticed it since I have learned to resize. So yes, what you said below makes sense. The new puzzles that I have been doing have been around 2,000 by 2,000.....sometimes smaller by a little. One I did went up to 420 pieces. I had always wondered why I could not get a higher number puzzle pieces, and now I see why LOL

I did indeed see your comment on the laptop table and left you a message there too :-)))))))


That's not exactly what I meant, Kathy, but close. Take, for example, my avatar image. I could stretch it and make it into a rectangle if I wanted by unclicking the "restrain" button, or whatever it is in your program that resizes it lengthwise and widthwise automatically. It's like turning off the automatic sizing aspect. Or, if you're creating a puzzle from scratch, you can choose the size you want. To get a large puzzle with large pieces (the tiny pieces drive some of us crazy), you should make it at least 1,200 by 800. I go even larger than that to make sure I can size it way up. Make any more sense? I left you a message about laptop holders while you're on your couch on your other puzzle.


Gail, what a sweet sweet offer!!!!!!! You are a dear :-)))))) Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!! I played around some more with the resize thing and found out that even when starting from scratch, you can set your own measurements. Is this what you were referring to? I just hope that the puzzle pieces are coming out sharp and clear????? Kathy


Kathy, the nice thing about the new Jigidi is that you can test your puzzles before actually publishing them. You can also intentionally not use the automatic measurement if you have a puzzle that you want wider than you originally intended. If you have any questions about resizing and Kirsten's not around to answer, I'll be more than happy to help you. After all, she was my teacher!


Kirsten, thanks to you I can now find the "Resize" LOL I had never paid it any attention!!!! I have been experimenting with it as you suggested, but still don't quiet have it down pat. Hopefully all will bear with me until I master the technique. Thank you for taking the time and for your patience in explaining it to me. You are indeed a sweetheart and are much appreciated!!!!!! :-)))))))


I'm so glad it makes sense Kathy. :))))

I think you mentioned once that you use lunapic and some other programs that I can't remember to make your images. In lunapic, if you are starting with a blank canvas, after you have created it, go to the edit menu and select the "resize canvas" option. Just remember to keep the aspect ratio, so if you are adding say 400 to the width, add it to the height too. That bit, of keeping the aspect ratio, is much easier in pixlr as it gives you a box to tick, and you only have to adjust one of the measurements, and the other will happen automatically. And if you use pixlr, you will find the resize option in the image menu and then select image size. I think most image editing programs have a resize option in either the edit menu or the image menu. So if lunapic and pixlr aren't the ones you use mostly, check in those menus in the ones you use to see if you can find it.

In terms of the best size to use, I listed the ones I use, but my images are square. And yours are rectangular. Sally says that she and Chrissie use 2000 for the height, and more for the width, when they create rectangles! And the FAQ's on Jigidi mention 1600x1200.

So you might need to have a play and see what works best for you. Just one thing though, about doing big resizes AFTER you have created your image. It can destroy the definition and clarity. Again, depending on what programs you are using, there are options to "fix" it, but I would recommend starting with a large canvas size to begin with, and creating your image from there. Then you won't have to resize later and risk losing quality.

I hope all of that makes sense. I'm no great expert by the way. I'm just learning as I go. But hopefully we can all help each other. :)))

And I'm sorry about your surgery. I didn't know. I hope you feel better soon, and would say AGAIN, we are low priority. You need to look after YOU, and then come and play. :)))


Kirsten, I definitely see what you mean!!!! Your visual comparison between the two puzzles helps so much!!!! I do much better with visual cues LOL!!!! And that did the trick :-))))))) Now the problem to get through my thick skull how to resize?!?!?????? I am so computer challenged!!!!! Would you believe I have never resized anything????? And have no clue as how to do it??????? I have always said that I just wing it LOL and now you know that I am not kidding LOL

BTW Kirsten, thank you for explaining Sally's comment too. Always feel free to step in!!!!! Sometimes it is days before I get a chance to get back to Jigidi.......between banging my head against the wall with the remodeling and my body still trying to adjust after the gallbladder surgery, I never know when I will feel like getting on line. At least the internet service problem has now been solved :-) Please bear with me everyone?

I so appreciate each and every one of you and am happy to be a part of Jigidi!!!!!! Thank you all for doing my puzzles and for leaving such glowing comments!!!!! It makes creating that much more fun!!!!!!


Whew! And really? You start with 2000, Sally? Wow! Mebbe I should crank it up!


You got it mate... Head screwed on just right.... Well explained.... Thanks you.... We start with 2000 x 2000 (or wider, if you like wider than higher).... Thanks again Kirsten for 'splaining.... :) :)


Kathy - I'd love to journey with you, in an unknown landscape of design and adventure. Wonderful composition, marvelous and inventive puzzle.


This is a great puzzle, Kathy. I have to resize every one of my puzzles or they come out with tiny pieces also, and it's not so easy to remember to do this when you're not used to it. This "new and improved" Jigidi is not as user-friendly as before.


You're welcome Michelle! And it is EXACTLY the reason why some puzzle pieces are so small. So be kind to your solver, and make the original image/file at maximum sizes, or resize them! Which will also allow you to post your puzzles in the maximum number of pieces, if you want to. Have fun! :)))


I am just getting around to looking at a few of my favourites after obsessing with my own creations for the past couple of days and couldn't help but appreciate the discussion here. (Great puzzle too, the shapes and colours and the 3D effect with the orbs...especially that gorgeous green one!). I just leaned something from Kirsten myself that I will have to look into. It explains why some puzzles have the pieces so small and others don't. The mouse roller lets me enlarge and shrink them fairly quickly but it is still easier to start with a bigger piece. Thanks Kirsten for the info. I love the fact that we are sharing! ;-D


Another lovely one from you Kathy! Thanks so much. :)))

And I think that what Sally might mean (if I may Sally), is that in this 48 number of pieces, the actual pieces have come out quite small. The thing you can do to avoid that is to make your actual image size bigger when you create your file. My images are square, not rectangular, but I make my singles 1000 x 1000, and my collages 1600 x 1600 pixels. That means that even for the puzzles with only a small number of pieces, they come out nice and big!

To see what I mean, in terms of what it looks like in the solve screen, click on the solve button for this puzzle and see the size of the pieces, and then compare that to this one which is a 49 piecer:

I hope that makes sense. I also hope that's what Sally meant. Won't it be funny if she meant something else! Then you'll both need to tell me to pull my head in. LOL

And by the way, the need to make the images bigger is a side effect of the new Jigidi. So if you're doing exactly the same thing you always did in the old Jigidi, you might want to think about tweaking it slightly for new Jigidi. And feel free to drop me a message over at my place if what I've said makes not the slightest sense! LOL :))))

And again, it's really lovely to see you again. :)))


Ms Sally, please feel free to request any size that would best suit you and I would be more than happy to accommodate!!!! Glad you enjoyed this one. It was once again a new experiment LOL


Very pretty Kathy.... The pieces are a little small for me, but being a lover of all things round.... Especially orby, spherey ones, that are also transparent, I could not pass this one up.... Beautifully created.... Thank you.... :) :)