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Cleaning out the archives #18

49 pieces
58 solves
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Thanks Janine...I still think you should try making your own puzzles so the rest of us can say WOW to you!

Rob, I'm surprised you didn't get it...what's the flower you always seem to guess right???

Sorry Kirsten, but no hydrangea! Rob usually gets these that I post...but alas, not this time.

I'll spill the beans...Orchid!


Thank you so much Michelle! I'm so glad you liked it...and I checked out your link. Thank you SO MUCH again!!! :)))))))))


I really love the colours and Just lovely, Deborah! ;-D (Michelle)

Here's a little something for you:


Absolutely beautiful colours, pattern and clarity on this one Deborah! Reminds me of an Aquilegia/Columbine/Granny's Bonnet (choose your preferred name!). But the colours are very Hydrangea like. Thanks!! :)))


Very nice - it really popped out!! I love those flying 'thingies' with yellow & blue wing things Deborah!!! Got absolutely no idea what you blended - but I like it!! Thanks.

WOW !!.....nice one, but all your Kalidos are pretty.