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WEEKLY THEME: Round and Oval Things ... Round Kaleido in Blues With a Touch of Purple....

36 pieces
86 solves
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Oh my goodness... I don't know what to say, dearest Libby... It is yours... We'll see what we can do when we get back to the land of normal postage.... Thank you dear friend, I may have trouble getting my heard through the door for a few hours... Hugs to you and the kids.... :) :)


You may or may not see this, but even late as I am solving this had to let you know this is one of THE MOST SPECTACULAR kaliedos EVER!!! I mean in the entire history of kaliedos! Thanks so much ;-)))


Thank you, Shirley... One of my favorites too... I like the bright and shiny.... Hard to get sometimes in a kaleidoscope.... :) :)


Love this turquoise colour, yes, I like it with the plain and textured purple too, Thanks Sally :):)


Love to hear from you PFC members... Purple a plenty... And doesn't it go lovely with turquoise....
Thanks ?nauts and Snooker... Happy to indulge your addiction.... LOL... :) :)

Just got my purple fix for the day. Lovely.


This is lovely, SMor. I love the outer purple part - big surprise!! :))))))


Thank you, Edie... Glad you had fun with it... :) :)


You're welcome, Jennifer... My favorite colors too.... Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.... :) :)


Really fun puzzle and beautiful colours. Thanks


In my fav colors.. beautiful! Thanks