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TILE 1139 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
100 solves
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Hi Ardy . . . only just getting round to responding . . . sorry.
No we didn't have snow but we did have a VERY heavy frost that was so thick it looked like it had been snowing. Snow would have been preferable as the temp would have been a little warmer . . . :D)


Giggled a the addition to the tile number for the smaller puzzle on 1137. I gather you have snowflakes in great numbers. At least I read yesterday on T&F that your roads were bad and that you'd have to take it slowly when you went out. I haven't had any flakes at my house yet. I wouldn't care if it stays that way all winter. I still have roses blooming. I've posted a couple of pictures this week of my roses. Like the blues in 1138. This one (1139) is rather startling but I like it. Thanks, Su. Nice group of puzzles tonight. Have a good night. Warm hugs coming (((HUGS)))



A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on