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Backdoor Wreath

108 pieces
240 solves
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Ok Impie, I was trying to do something else with the bar, don't ask, I'm not sure, but I see how it moves but it's not giving me all of the screen to fill in info....don't know, but maybe I'll go to it later and it'll be there. I can only see the puzzles under "my puzzles" not under my profile name...(???)


Impie, that bar won't even move! And the highest # on the bar is "9" - I don't get it, and the ones I just tried to create have all the information for creating them in it. Please see my puzzles. Thanks!


Thank you, Impie! I was over-thinking it :) (Flkatz you are spared my long explanation of what I thought it was.) Proving once again, we can count on our Jidigi friends!


this one is for flkatz.....when you create your puzzle you have to shift the bar down to the amount of pieces you want and then click on create....that's all!:))


Carol, why can't I post a puzzle with more pieces to it? Please see my profile puzzles. They don't give me an option to post more pieces. (????) Only thing I can think is that the beginning picture is not large enough?? But these pics don't give you an option to enlarge them first...can you help??? Or anyone else I'd appreciate the help...thanks in advance!


LOL Carol, the boss is coming to get ya! lol.....:)


Hey, if this is the BACK door wreath . . . . I want to see the FRONT door wreath!!!


Thanks RebaBe! Flkatz, I love wreaths too. But, I don't make them. I think it was three Christmass' ago we had snow Christmas Eve and Christmas. Heaven, especially if you don't have to go anywhere. I have a 4-wheel drive SUV and still won't drive in the snow. Told my friend (and Boss) I am getting too old and will not drive in snow and ice anymore.............he had no problem with it and said he would come and get me! (Darn) :)))))


Pretty Carol....I have made so many wreaths, and like this one, skipped the bows and used the flowers, accents, etc. I got into a lot of the Michaels crafts, the little pics they use are excellent for making wreaths, and inexpensive when you catch them on sale. I made an all silver intermingled with the lighter turquoise color, and used "balls" with glitter on them spread in and out. Front door wreath, b/c I decorate with the blue lights. I find them so calming, and of course different from the traditional colors. Tell ya what beautiful is the green and blue lights together, there once again, so calming...we hardly ever get snow here for Christmas...


What a beaut ;-0