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Nine Kaleidos In A Blue Frame..... (S)

36 pieces
114 solves
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Dots nice of you to say so, Katie....... Glad you enjoyed it........ :) :)


I love these dotty kaleidos! Thanks Sally!


Thought you might like the frame... The Kaleidoscopes were just incidental to hold the frame together for you... Please don't tell Kirsten that.... :) :) :)


Ah, a frame lover's delight....RJDB!!! The rest of the puzzle is quite nice, too, L. Thanks a whole bunch, dear one!


Join the club Snooker... 2:02 and I thought I knew what was where... Can't figure it out, some days I can see the patterns and colours and it's easy, other days I end up with extra pieces.... Fun trying though.... Thanks... :) :)


Mimi, thank you, thank you, thank you..... :) :) :) :) :)


Aw... Thank you, Shirley, you always say such nice and positive things, mate... You're a treasure.... :) :)


Thank you oddio.... How ever did know a Kaleidononograph was used in the making of this puzzle... I just got a new one and boy is it shiny.... It seems to have less non in its graph... :) :)


Hope you've gotten some food Kirsten.... You'll need plenty of sustenance and energy to Kaleido more kaleidos for our enjoyment.... These came from "Still Life With Spheres"... I liked the lacy, dotty look... White background is different for me, but it seemed to work here... Thanks for kaleidoing this one and giving me a big smile.... :) :)

1:58 So pretty I didn't even get on the board.


Loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly, loverly!


I think I've been dazzled by all these little kaleido cuties, didn't make the board tonight. very pretty Sally, Thank you. :):)


The winner. A Kaleidononograph.


Oooh, I've died and gone to kaleido heaven!!! Look at the lovelies you and Boxy, err Foxy, I mean Chrissie posted. Yippee!! I should be getting dinner, but who needs food when one has kaleidos? LOL Thanks Sally!! :)))