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Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

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The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is a yacht club located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club currently operates two marinas, the one at Jericho Beach in English Bay and another in Coal Harbour. The Coal Harbour site has approximately 350 berths, some with covered moorage, and is also the location of the Mermaid Inn. The club also has seven offshore stations in BC waters.
The club was founded in 1903. The club officially became the 'Royal Vancouver Yacht Club' in 1906. J. Kennerly Bryan and his partner Mr. Waterson designed the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club club house in Stanley park (1910).
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Thank you Jim. Ank and Denise ! I didn't realize that the clubhouse was that old!! We all learn something.


A lovely photo Cathy and very informative:-)) Thanks


A very nice photo Cathy and I like the info. Thanks.


Thanks, Cathy, for the info. Nice photo, too!


Thank you Morris. And you're welcome!


Nice photo, Cathy. Thanks for the information on the club.