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DeeDee Orangutan: Biscuit Play

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DeeDee, adult female Bornean orangutan, plays with a tasty nutritional biscuit that she has found in her exhibit area.
November, 2012.
ZooTampa at Lowry Park, in Tampa, Florida.

Should you wish to view additional zoo photos by Dave Parkinson, here is a handy link:


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Bubble, Thank you for your interest in DeeDee and the orangs at ZooTampa. :-))

The zoo had a birthday party for DeeDee's one-year-old daughter, Dira, on Sunday, complete with wrapped gifts and a big, colorful paper "Happy Birthday" banner strung across the orang exhibit area. Today is DeeDee's birthday - I have not visited zoo today, but the primate keepers told me they were hoping to have some wrapped gifts, though probably not as big a celebration as they had for little Dira. ♥︎☺︎♥︎


Lovely photo of Dee Dee, Pam - how was the 'mat hatter's' Birthday party ?

You're right @clive, and many, times we are second to them !

@jerrys, didn't know you too were on staff at St Louis zoo, good one !

Truthfully, I'm far more interested in animals, than humans (apart from hubby !), and so glad this group can share these photos and interest. *-*


So glad you like this, Janet!! Thank you for stopping by to comment... :-))


Fabulous creature and a fabulous photo thanks Pam, thanks for sharing it. Hugs. ♥


It is thanks to the eye and skill, and generosity, of photographer Dave Parkinson, that I am able to share this image, Jerry - I'm glad you like it. :-))

Orangutans seem endlessly fascinating to me, so I'm not surprised to hear about your group at the Saint Louis Zoo! Thank you for sharing about them - I would love to visit your zoo. :-))


@gogogo Thanks for this delightful image. While I was on staff at the Saint Louis Zoo our orangutans were moved into a new exhibit area in which they continue to amaze visitors with their antics and displays of problem solving. TFP


Lela, Thank you for your comment - I'm very pleased that you're enjoying this. :-))


You're welcome, Clive, and thank you for your comment. :-))
Intelligent, indeed!


You're most welcome, Jimbos - glad you like the puzzle. :-))


"Don't play with your food!" ........ This one's great!


Thanks Pam, such intelligent animals second only to us humans.


You're most welcome, Ardy, and I thank you for your interest in this photo/puzzle!

My first thought on the red thing is that it's an apple. Dave gave this photo the caption "DeeDee Biscuit Play" back when he first shared the photo, in 2012. :-))


Nice puzzle thanks.


What is the red thing in her left hand, Pam? Do you know? Another of Dave's story telling photos. Thank you.