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Fashion Fairy Tale Romance

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We all have dreams of becoming our favorite fairy tale characters for a moment or two. Fashion week is a good time for these happy day dreams! This sweet picture of Beauty and the Beast is from Woman's World Magazine 4/23/ 18 Day Dreaming Smiles! ♥☺♫☆¸¸ .•*¨)☆‘°º♫☺♥


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That was a special moment PuzzleG. Day Dreaming Smiles! ♥☺♫☆¸¸ .•*¨)☆‘°º♫☺♥


Love Beauty & the Beast! We recently saw a play of this story, & it was so well done, much better than I expected from a local theater group. The fact that our local symphony group provided the music helped a lot too. Thank you Iris, for the lovely puzzle, & for the happy memories of seeing the play with my family. :)


You are welcome Erika. Have a nice day. Day Dreaming Smiles! ♥☺♫☆¸¸ .•*¨)☆‘°º♫☺♥


This wonderful puzzle makes me want to get up and dance...Thanks so much for sharing Iris xxxhugs Erikaxx


I agree! Spring has to be around someplace!!!!


i t has to end soon, iris. ☼☼♥


It is a good day in spite of the blustery wind, snow and rain. Glad you enjoyed this fairy tale moment. Day Dreaming Smiles to you pasta! ♥☺♫☆¸¸ .•*¨)☆‘°º♫☺♥


Great puzzle, perfect for theme. Hope your having a good day.☼☼♥