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Common Grackle

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Thank you Hanne and shirley.


From the comments, we should be thankful we don't have them in Australia, but I'm sure we have some equally as annoying, he looks a nice bird. Thanks, chickiemama.


It looks very ravenish!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you robryan and Monica.


We don't have Grackles here in Vegas either, in fact, I think this is the first Grackle I've ever seen! He's quite stunning, I like the blue on top of his head, sort of iridescent like! Very nice shot Sandy, thanks so much for sharing your birds with us!


We don't have Grackles, common or otherwise!! Lovely looking bird, but they don't sound too popular chickie!!


Thank you Dottie, cevas, snooker and morris.


Another excellent bird shot!

Nasty bird - have thousands and thousands of them here. Great shot of the bird though.


Fantastic picture!! Thank you Chickie!


Wow, Chickie, you know the names of all the birds. I like this one's shiny head. Thanks!


Thank you roseheather and Angelbender.

Angelbender, I have a Sony a200. There are newer models now. I used a 75-300 zoom lens. The camera was set on AUTO, but I changed the ISO to 400. I didn't even notice the dark bird sitting in the tree behind the feeder until I just read your comment. That's how observant I am. LOL

It looks like the nuthatch outside my window, roseheather. The Chickadee has a smaller black cap, while the nuthatch's runs down to his neck.
Great focus, chickiemama. What kind of camera and settings are you using? It's a nice touch for the feeder to be color-coordinated with the Grackle's iridescent feathers. :-) Is that a mate on the limb behind the feeder?


Great puzzle/picture. I like the bird in flight, can't tell if it is a chickadee or a nuthatch.

I have to agree with Laurajane about the not-so-great guest in this wonderful picture.


Thank you young man, gnt and Ank! : )


Wow Sandy, beautiful. And such a great compliment of PG. It's allowed that you are proud. :-))))))))))))


great pic chickie and I see the one flying away makes for a good photo...


Very sharp and clear chickster. The eye is the secret and his is as sharp as you can get. You might want to start a scrap book of all these birds.


Thank you jcarroll and laura.


Is that a chickadee heading for the hills? Great shot of a not-so-great guest.


Another beauty, chickie!