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White-backed Magpie - South Australia's state bird...

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Thanks islandflyer - we have quite a few around our place. I didn't take the pic - I'm hopelesss with a camera :)))


Nice photo robryan. I saw a few when I visited NSW and Victoria a few years ago. Couldn't seem to get any good shots of them, though.


They sounded more hung-over than happy Monica - & the noise was very repetitive.Hope you enjoy your ride & have a good weekend too!!


Oh my, I would love to witness a drunken Lorikeet, how much fun that must have been, they sound hilarious! These Magpies aren't very colorful but still they are a very pretty bird! Thanks for posting him Rob! I too am going to listen to Kirsten's link! Have a wonderful weekend my good friend!...Hugs


I wouldn't be game to put a bird bath in our yard - we have Layla cat & it would be too tempting!!! As it is she goes up the Jacaranda tree & watches next-doors bird feeder when the Rainbow Lorikeets, doves & lately Galahs, come to feed!! I'm sure your birds are thanking you!!
LOL!! No wine warbler!!! I've seen Lorikeets tipsy on hot fermented nectar when we lived in the Tropics & it's hilarious!!! They often hang upside down making a very sad squark over & over again!!


Feed them bits of bread and cheese? What about some wine? Or is that why its bill is dark on the tip. Cool looking bird, Robyn. I gotta go listen to the song. Thanks Kirsten.


Me too, Rob. And I don't think there is a mum that you could feel MORE sorry for than a momma magpie with a young 'un in tow, begging for food. They are soooooooo persistent. Sometimes I want to go out and feed them, just to shut them up! LOL

And same re the swooping. We have loads of them, and I've never had a problem with any of them. We like to put out water for the birds, and the maggies have a lovely time in one of our deeper birdbaths. They stay in for ages - splashing about. Then often reward us with a carol. I like to think that it's there way of expressing their delight at being able to have a bath. But maybe I'm reading a bit too much into it. LOL


I'm so pleased you liked him Kirsten - & thanks for putting the link up!! I too like to hear them chuckling!! I really like watching the young ones when they have a brown/gray plumage on & they follow Mum & Dad around learning what to eat. We never have any trouble with them swooping - like some people do at nesting time - ours are a well-behaved lot!!


This is one of my favourite birds, Rob! Thanks for posting him. I know they don't have the most exciting plumage in the world, but they have terrific character. I have to say though, that in their black and white plumage, to me they look like men wandering about in dinner suits! But the best thing is that they carol morning and night. It's one of my favourite sounds in the world. I hope you don't mind, but for the benefit of your international visitors, here's a link to where you can listen to their remarkable singing voice.


Thanks chickie.


A very pretty bird robryan. Nice set.


We have them here in our yard lyndee - I love watching the young ones!
I don't follow any AFL teams chookie - but I do like Maggies!! Thanks.
Thanks Deborah - we sometimes feed them bits if bread & cheese!!


Sorry rob, in case you're wondering who I barrack for - it's the Adelaide Crows - yeah - football season will soon be here - thanks for the post:)


He is a pretty bird! Thanks Rob. :)))


Although I don't barrack for them - one of our AFL football teams is named after this bird - the mighty MAGPIES!


I know the magpie does not have a very good reputation......but he is kinda pretty.