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City Arms Pub, Wells, Somerset. Photo by Mike Smith

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The City Arms was originally The City of Wells Jail. Later it became an abattoir. Now a traditional-looking pub, it offers real ales and good food.

Caption came with photograph.


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Hi olivia your very welcome, I guess it brings back fond memories for you. It's nice to know that you enjoy the puzzles from the UK. I post puzzles most days and have a little tour with some other folk from around the world. Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking...Sue

I hope it's okay if I comment on all the puzzles from Great Britain. I have always loved Britain, spent a great deal of time there and really enjoy the pictures. Thank you...wish I was there.


Well you certainly wouldn't miss this pub, salmon pink I think they call it. I love the old pubs with history not keen on the modern ones, no atmosphere. I guess after all the touring of Wells we need a drink and some pub grub. Cheers...Sue


They sure did a fine job renovating it. It's really good looking and I love that color. Thanks Sue!! :)))
(Time, 4:34)


An interesting looking place - I'm pretty much up for trying out any pub Sue, the City Arms included. :-)