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We make a boat trip and visit Marken.

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Dank je!


Hi BrightSky, yes now I understand what you mean. So first: Goede morgen, goede middag. Good morning, good afternoon. Ik wens je een fijne dag, have a nice day. :-)))
I know they used to do pop quizzes, but I don't know or they still do. But I think they do. And I think it's good, student have to study all the time, not only for tests. For myself I never had that problem, because I never had high school. I was the oldest girl and had to come home for the house keeping. Both of my parents were invalid. So I did my studies later, when I was older, in the evening. I first studied accounting and then I discovered that my profession was economics. So I'm in graduate in accounting economics and mathematics, no time for languages, pity. During these studies, there were no tests, only state exams. OK, Ik wens je een fijne dag.


Hi Jana Jan and Tek. I agree it gives the best smell, but Tek is right, the towels are rough. Still I never use a dryer. I always put a little vinegar in the last rinse water, not too much for the smell, it makes the washing softer. I do not use fabric softener. I started to dry the wash on racks when I lived in the west. There you better don't dry the wash outside, it becomes grey, air pollution.


I'm sorry for making it awkward, Ank. And I don't know a single Dutch word, not one. What would be a good word to learn first? I'm sure I can go to a website to learn how to pronounce it.

In the US, school-children usually know when teachers will give the next test on the subject they're studying. But teachers also give "pop quizzes." Students don't know when these are coming. A quiz is a short test and it counts only a little bit toward their final grade for the class. But it can be happen at any time. They just go to school one day and a chemistry teacher might say "Today we're having a pop quiz on basic lab equipment you need for chemistry experiments." If the kids haven't been studying enough, they won't do well on the quiz. The quiz supposed to motivate them to keep up with their homework.

Do Dutch teachers give surprise tests? In the US, when a teacher mentions "pop quiz," students groan.

Thank you for your patience.


Great picture. I agree that there's nothing fresher than clean laundry dried outside, but the towels are stiff and rough, etc.


I love the smell of washing hanging on the like, nothing better than fresh washed sheets drying in the sun.


I hang my clothes to stand out in the garden , smells good , and I'm sorry if anyone does not have that option :-((((((


Hi Cathy. I always hang my laundry on racks. Then I use a rotating fan from left to right and vice versa on the laundry. So it flutters, it works.


I love this picture too! I like to see the clothesline being used. I live in an apartment and we are not allowed to put a rack on the balcony to dry our clothes because it looks messy.
: ( We just put the rack near the patio door to get the sun and the breezes.


BrightSky. I'm sorry to say, but sometimes I have a problem with translating and now I don't understand you. Does that term translate into the Dutch experience of school? A surprise test that the students didn't expect. What term do you mean. I never had English lessons. I just picked up the language. This makes my sentences often crooked.


You are very patient with our so-many questions. We are eager to learn but I hope there won't be a pop quiz! Does that term translate into the Dutch experience of school? A surprise test that the students didn't expect.


Thanks friends. Lorna I don't know and I can't find information of it. Sorry. We don't see laundry outside often, but it's permitted. But you are right, the smell was perfect. Girls have a beautiful day.
Objetí Jana :-)))


Friendly neighborhood!! :)


It is also interesting that there are 3 different colors of siding on one house. Thanks Ank.


This is a nice scene. I am wondering about the framework on the roof Ank. Is it just a means of securing the roof better?


Laundry on a clothesline - I can almost smell those fresh sheets. Hanging laundry outdoors is not permitted in the community where I live. Remembering the scent makes me smile. Thanks.


Great photo , I love this trip, thank you so much my friend :-))) hugs