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Max yesterday afternoon - it was 33 C

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Thank you Nev. I wish you a pleasant journey, warm weather, a lot of fun and healthy to return back.
Lovely greetings from hot DL :-)))

Hello Auntie Marlene, love your comment and extra big cuddles from you. Have a good night and sweet dreams. Meows, purr, Max :-))))

You are very welcome castlave :-)))

Hello Janet, thank you so much, have a nice afternoon :-)))

Thank you Florrie, smart Harry, we do not have a cellar :-( (

Thank you so much dear Ardy, I am glad, you like him :-))) hugs

Thank you so much oaktree, lovely greetings for you and your cat :-))) hugs

Thank you very much Lynn, have a nice day you and Honey :-))) hugs

Hello dear sis, I am late today, I was too busy. Yesterday stopped flowing water and today morning we sawed wood. Hands like a monkey. Many hugs for you :-)))

You are very welcome Mackintosh :-)))

Donnenbrook, you are absolutely right :-)) thank you.

Meow Auntie Nicky and dear Tasha, meow, purr :-))) Max

Thank you so much Rob for your kind comment. Enjoy your boat trip :-))) Lovely greetings for you and Layla :-))) hugs


Poor Max! A fur coat in summer is no fun!!!! The hot weather makes Layla cat sleep more too!!! Thanks Jana!


What a fab picture of Max - definitely a 'sweet choice', Jana! Hugs, strokes and meows from Tasha.


What IS it with cats & boxes? No need for expensive toys, just a box of any size is all they need.


You still have the same box :-)


A warm day Max, then you need many naps☺ Love the photo sis, hugs:-))♥♥♥


Awwww Max, you look so tired. Just rest in the warm weather and tomorrow you can go about your business again. :) hugs


I love your choice of boxes Max. You are a sweet choice for sure. My cat "demands" ice cubes in his water when it gets hot!


Perfect place for your nap, Max. You are a sweetie.


Max, you have chosen the right box to look sweet in! Hugs, janet


Oh Max, have you melted into that box? You certainly are a sweet choice! ♥


HELLO MAX MY DARLING SLEEPING BEAUTY. BOY. 33 C, I Hope You Found a Cool Place. I See You Still Have Your Sweet Choice Box, It Looks Like a Great Box. A Bit Hot For Gardening , You Take It Easy. I Don't Like It Too Hot. We Have Had 45 Sometimes. I Wonder What You Are Dreaming About? Thanks For All The BIG HUGS & KISSES You Send To Me, I Love Them. [[ MEOWS]] EXTRA BIG CUDDLES and LOTS of LOVE To You MAX==MICI==FERDA==DEXTER==ERIC;; AJA==LAURA==KRYSTOF;;; MUCH LOVE to My DEAR FRIEND JANA==DAD==ANDREA==CRAIG==ALENKA. Thanks JANA For Sharing MAX With us. HE Is Just So Special To So Many Folks. Sweet Dreams. Auntie Marlene. X X X X.


Greetings Jana, and to our King as well. Max, it seems you are not impressed with 33C, so send it over here to us. I love the heat, and detest the cold weather. In my book, 33C is "just starting to warm up".
Marge & I are going on holidays for a few weeks, this Wednesday, and won't be back online till the end of the month. We are heading north, up the New South Wales coast, looking for, would you believe, warmer temperatures. :-))) Keep well, whilst we are away.


You are welcome jubatis, I'm so sorry .

Thank you so much Lorna, have a wonderful day you and your sweet pets :-))) hugs

Thank you so much Jellyrollmorton :-)))


Awww! Hi, Max!


Hello Max. You have the right idea - it is way too early to be busy!


Looks like a kitty we used to have , Cougar, aka, Coo bear. Miss him so much. He got so sick.