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Elephant Robot Bus

64 pieces
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WOW......I LOVE it!!


That is an incredibly complex piece for a 3-day performance! Unbelievably intricate and detailed! WOW! Thanks for the info gabecyr! (and for the puzzle).


This creature was created for a 3 day performance piece of Jules Verne?s novel "TheSultan?s Elephant",... a show created by the Royal de Luxe theatre company, involving additionally a giant marionette of a girl and a diver. There are actually four people controlling each leg plus an additional 6 controllers.


It's in Nantes, France....built by the Royal de Luxe theatre group. They have other equally magical creations


Is this in India? What a fascinatingly odd idea! And, it's a hoot! Thanks gabecyr!

Were is this ? It is an awsome idea.Can you imagen this as a mobile home?!


Impressive!!! I wonder if it can blow a trumpet noise?


The Great Artificial Elephant, This is a robotic miracle is pretty amazing.
Made from 45 tons of recycled materials, measuring 12 meters high and 8 meters wide. It can carry up to 49 passengers!