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Triton Trumpet Shell.

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Named after Greek God Triton, son of Poseidon who was God of the sea. (Probably still is!!) These larger ones are found in the Indo-Pacific waters, smaller ones found here in Bermuda and western Atlantic. They are able to eat the poisonous Crown of Thorns Starfish which damages many coral reefs.


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Yes pretty cool, thanks.


Gorgeous - I can imagine it being blown to make the noise to call people home!


Hi Heidi, yes dad has a few fossils in the collection but I cannot remember the names. I don't think I have seen a Cowrie fossil, that is impressive! Thanks.

Hi Dagmar, thanks very much. Most people cannot believe the colours and variations of shells, you don't normally get a chance to see extensive collections. It was fun growing up and watching the collection grow, then all of a sudden we noticed that all space had gone and the majority of the collection were in drawers or boxes. The Museum was a welcome invitation both for dad and the public. Thanks so much.


Here I finish an agreeable Friday afternoon browsing through the shells of your father's collection. Instead of writing loads of comments all over the place I'll resume here. :))

Your father's collection is absolutely amazing. When I heard you talking about it I always thought about a few showcases in the living-room but as you say this was the work and the passion of a lifetime and I suppose that you as you grew up were also involved with it.

I loved to see all the different shells. Their shapes, colours and patterns are so very varied and beautiful. The few times I have visited the seaside, shell collecting always has been my favourite pastime, I can spend hours walking in the surf trying to find a special one. :))) Thanks a lot for the effort of taking all the photos and showing them to us. :)))


Magnificent specimen, Robbie. Also interesting are the fossils on the right side of the pic. Fossil seashells can be really fascinating. I have just a few fossil cowries, I think 24 species. The oldest is 20 million years old. I would love to get more.


Thanks Nana.

I don't know about the reed YO, but here we would cut the tip off a broken Queen Conch and blow making a loud haunting noise. My godfather used it to call his daughter home and fishermen used it to alert customers. The Triton was a rare shell and pretty, we would never cut it, but in the Pacific and Indian Oceans they are prolific. Thanks.

Hi TC, you can still get a lot of enjoyment from simple shells. Thanks.


Thanks Robbie. I have collected only simple shells. This series of pix is stunning.

I read that on some of the Indo-Pacific Islands, they add a reed to this shell and use it to call people together.


Beautiful display, Robbie! Thanks!


That is very interesting Rob, I had heard different details but not that one, that is scary!! Thanks.

Now that is cool Hanne, I can picture Bent in the background with his conductor's baton flying through the air!!!! Thanks.


When I see a shell like this I hear baroque music with lots of horns and big drums!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Beautiful shell Robbie. I have one just like the small one left & front of the big beauty!! We've killed a few Crown of Thorns ourselves - nasty things!!! Did you know that if you break a small arm off a Crown of Thorns - it grows into a complete new one. They are sneaky, nasty things. Biggest ones we ever saw were in the Cook Islands.


Thanks gem and Laura.

Yes it is fascinating to learn what nature does to control certain situations, thanks JB.

It is Shirley, you're welcome.

Be nice if you could find it Ppa, got a lot of traveling by the sounds of it, thanks.

They are Celest, thanks.

Thanks Lela, just for you mate!

Yes he has PKH, thanks.

Hi Healer, thanks.

Well mate, I hope there are others taking care of them now, thanks PG.

Yes lyndee, have to hold it out a bit, keep the volume down, thanks.

Hi PK, they are, thanks.


Gorgeous thanks Robbie


Neat looking shell Robbie. Bet I could really hear the ocean in that one!!!!!


Put him back mate we need to get rid of those crown of thorns.




So many perfect specimens your dad has collected.


Lovely photo........the reflection of the leg(?) adds a personal touch (hee-hee!)......


Such awesome shells
Thanks robbie

my Grandmother had one of these, don't know what happen to it. She lived in central Iowa i moved to western Iowa, across the Missouri from Omaha,Nebraska


This is a superb shell, Thanks Robbie.


Robbie - What a wonderful example of this shell! And what a great thing they do with that particular starfish! Thanks!




Another gorgeous one!