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dreaming of a white Christmas?

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i,M from Holland en it snows brrrr


yes they do Rose!


Ah, yes, Jacque. So, does your weather service or station also make predictions of upcoming weather?


my Country is Belgium in Europe and yes we have a wheather station Rose!


Thank you Nancy and PD, for your comments. I like your special order, PD. ; ) Didn't AZ have snow in some areas last winter, Nancy? I seem to recall that it was enough to make driving a bit difficult.

Mine is at 50 to 60%, and I am hoping that we get some snow. We had a winter about 3 years or so ago when we had a light snowfall nearly every night for quite a while. It was so pretty to see every thing fresh again.


Aw, Jacques, this is the US government agency that has to do with weather related issues, and I see they also have only shown the lower 48 states, and they have not included Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry. Does your country have a weather agency? This one is NOAA, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is a federal agency. What is your country?


I'm at 40%-50%, which is about right--we have a white Christmas a little less than half the time. What I always want is a nice snowfall with a half foot or more on the ground a few days BEFORE, so the streets will be clear for driving by the actual holiday. And then I want a quick dusting of new snow that morning, so the snow that is left is pristine looking again, but the roads are still safe. Hey, if you're going to dream, be specific! :-)))


where is my country Rose?


Still warm at 64 in Yum a, Az