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Thursday's Flower

49 pieces
111 solves
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Thank you, Mandy and whatnauts! I think it's pretty cool myself.

Mary, I can't believe you're going on a cruise for an entire week with no Jigidi. What happens when severe withdrawal pains set in? Then what? Make sure they have tranquillizers on board! And of course I'll miss you and all the Flower Dances. I think you should spend the entire cruise in one of those beach lounge chairs and work on the booklet. I hope you have a wonderful time! :-)


Oh, the Thursday-only-one-more-day and my cousins are arriving tonight Flower Dance! So pretty, love the colors, but then I think I love all colors! LOL 8:59 which I thought was terrible till I saw the #10 time. I just try to be only twice that, so I'm just over. Thanks, Wendy! I'll be saving up my Flower Love so I can raid your pages and go back and pick up on all the flowers that bloomed while I cruised! I'll sure miss everybody! A whole WEEK! Of course, that's a week with no work so I'll survive. LOL


Oh yes, this is definitely a fantastical flower!!


WOW - this star looks like it is exploding out of a beautifully wrapped parcel, gorgeous!! Thanks Wendy.


Thank you very much, PJ. :-)


Goodness, this puzzle is both refined and terrific. Love it.


Katie, I'm so glad you love it!

Ardy, you SHALL BE punished, my dear! ;-)


Nice flower, Wendy. Thanks. (At least I didn't say Thanks for a thorny, thirsty, thriving Thursday flower.)


Gorgeous! I love the starburst look of this flower. Great colors too. Thanks Wendy!