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Wednesday's Flowers

49 pieces
144 solves
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Mary, which three body parts are you referring to? Your three legs? I suppose you haven't been working on your Dance Step Manual yet. And now I realize that you'll have to have extra chapters which include the three body part dances.

Mandy, they WERE shivering, but I built a bonfire hopefully by the morning they will have warmed up.

whatnauts, as always, you make me smile. :-)


Such lovely flowers Wendy. It's wonderful to have you back :))))))


I felt sure I commented on this one earlier... but ??? I love the vibration effect on this puzzle - or are they shivering to try and keep warm... they look lovely and warm already!! Thanks Wendy :~)


Oh, another Wendy Flower! Doing the Tri-Flower Dance! Seems appropriate once again to move three body parts each time. 5:16 Thanks, Wendy!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, dear Katie. :-)


I love this one Wendy! It looks like a sunset reflecting in a pond with beautiful flowers on the shoreline.


Ardy, when I have long stems on the flowers, I almost always add leaves. :-)


OK I'm unobservant. I was just noticing your other avatar. Those flowers have leaves!!!


Wonderful flowers, Wendy. I don't remember your flowers having leaves before. Perhaps I'm unobservant. These are lovely but please take care of that hand. Hugs.


PJ, my hand still needs the help. Thankfully, you've picked out enough that I can still rely on them....and will. :-)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this one anyway. :-)


Oh, dear Wendy.
1. Ok about the special requests, remember they were to help your hand - and for my enjoyment. And I can wait.....
2. This puzzle is great. Love the special design - and it was a joyful puzzle to solve.


PJ! I soooo apologize! I forgot all about posting your special requests....seriously! Furthermore, I forgot that I was only going to post puzzles in small sizes using my Wendy_13 alias. BAD Wendy!