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My cactus

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I did answer your comments but I didnot post it. Cathy don't give food, be bad for him. forget him a few weeks with water. He will flower because he is sad.
Ann this photo gives the right color. Mimi I made the photo the day before I did post it. Thanks girls.


Gorgeous plant!! Mine just has two blooms. Perhaps I don't give it enough plant food. Thanks, Ank.


She's a beauty, Ank!


Ank this is beautiful! It appears to be a salmon color, or is it more orange? They do come in both colors, as well as red, pink, fuschia, lavender, & white~~& probably other colors I don't know about! I just ordered some white cuttings. My lavender one has not done well at all~~I think it just doesn't like me and has never bloomed! And I have a young orange one that is still pretty small but it is covered with buds for the first time. Can hardly wait for the little guy to bloom. I hope it will some day be as pretty as yours.Thanks for showing it to us.............


In full bloom!


Ank, this is gorgeous. I wonder if mine will ever be so lush. Did you just take this picture?




Ank, this is just gorgeous! You can force this into bloom anytime you want by shortening the daylight and making the temps cooler. I used to make mine bloom at Christmas, but left alone, it would bloom whenever. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Patti and Pat.

I appreciate the thought, Ank. Thank you. :)


Wonderful! Thanks, Ank!


Thanks friends, you don't need a green thumb for this one. Just forget him a few weeks and then start thinking of him again.
Pat if it was possible you could have it. But if I send it it will lose all his flowers. Sorry.


Hij is prachtig

Would like to have that one - beautiful.


Many flower growers in the US force it to bloom around Christmas. My plant, too, when left alone, flowers when it feels like it.


So pretty! You have a green thumb Ank!


Thanks gmLucy, Shirley, Ardy, hanne, Jan, Graciela and Sissy. It's the third time this year that this one is flowering. And there are very many flowers. I wonder about your name Christmas cactus, because this one just flowers when it wants to, often. Sissy I'm glad I can show you something to remember your mother.
Jan this smells like problems, I hope everything is ok now.


Just beautiful.... Looks like the one my mother always had. Thanks Sis


You have a green thumb Ank, beautiful!


I used to have some when I lived in Dallas. Have not seem many of these and are so pretty at Christmas time for their color. Been out for some days going to the social security office to get our deposit back into my checking account that was rerouted to an on line back by a crook.


It's lovely, Ank, thanks so very much!!


So beautiful. Thanks, Ank, for sharing.


This is beautiful Ank, I have one it's a couple of shades lighter then this, more apricot, it's known as a Zygocatus here in australia. Thanks for sharing this Ank.


Such a pretty plant. just love the christmas cactus.


For the third time this year, plenty with flowers. Special for Ann, Mimi, Sissy and all my other friends