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THEME: Home Sweet Home - Kickin Back, Watching TV in the Living Room

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Hi sweet gina xx you all look so comfy xxx sorry i missed this lovely family puzzle xx god bless angel and merry christmas and lotys of blessings for you and your precious family ♥♥♥ big hugs


Sunday is a day of rest, Gina. I'm usually tired from getting up early, so have no energy to do much either.


Hello @oldandancient & @Kizmn, thanks for stopping by & commenting! Sorry for taking so long to see your lovely comments. This is pretty much our Sunday after church tradition, LOL! You can't see him, but my Hubby is just across the room next to the TV, working on his computer. XXXX :) Gina

liked your puzzle its Sunday i'm doing the same thing.


Lookin good, Gina. Y'all got your own chair. Perfect. I feel like doing what you are doing, but I will snooze. Getting up early for church always does that to me. Hugs.