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Just on for a moment. Wanted to say hi and say I'm safe and sound.

Please leave a comment on that puzzle to let me know you're okay.


And thank you Gail. Big hugs back. :)))


Indeed, life is Wacally. And you seem very adept at adjusting. :)))


Every once in a while, our demons have to have a way to escape. Once I let mine out, I then shut the door very quickly so they don't return for a while.


Thanks Gail, I honestly thought I had that under control..... silly me.... life is never controled, just managed. LOL


LOL Kirsten, she really didn't like other cats and becoming a dog person changed my lifestyle as you can't just leave a bowl of food and water out for a dog and leave for a week..... the cat was always OK with that. Oh well life is full of adjustments. ;-}


By the way, I wrote to TPTB about missing comments, and they're on top of it, as usual.


That is the most apt description of cats and dogs I've ever heard. I am definitely my cats' slave, no question about that. And waves and bear hugs back to you, my dear friend, Kirsten.

Even though I've said it before, Aimee, the same goes for me as to not responding quickly. We all love you. Ain't insecurity a bitch? We all have our own insecurities, although they might show up in different manners. Not to worry, though, it doesn't change how we feel about you. Comment away, and don't worry about what others think. I've discovered we all can't be liked by everyone, so you just need to stick with the ones who do like you and forget about the rest. If ever you are feeling insecure, just write to me and I'll set you straight!


Hi ya Wascally! Apologies for the length of time it's taken me to respond. It's now Tuesday here, and I have waaaaaay less time on weekdays for Jigidi. Just an hour or two at nights if I?m lucky, which has to include my own postings, replies, and hopefully squeezing in June Shone's large puzzle each night. So I don't get very much time to trundle about. Please, please, please never be worried that my slowness to response ever means anything other than an indication of a very time-poor person. Poverty struck even!

Your Fiesia sounds like she was a real character. I love that she would get mad at you for calling her Thumper. It sounds like she would have been much happier with you calling her "her royal highness"!! LOL And I hope your dogs are helping to fill the gap in your life left behind by HRH. I'm a dog person I have to say. I love that saying about dogs having masters and cats having slaves. And even more the one about when dogs are looked after by their owners, they think "they feed me and shelter me, they must be gods", whilst cats think "they feed me and shelter me, I must be a god". LOL. I think it sums up cats characters beautifully.

Anyhoo, I must dash. But I just want to quickly say that I'm really glad that all the misunderstandings have been sorted out. And even if you don't feel that you can comment anymore, whenever I see you on my leader boards, I'll be saying hello, my friend. :)))

And while I'm here - Hi ya Gail! *waves*. :)))


Uh-oh, Aimee, no comment here. What happened?


Sorry I called your little girl a "he" in my email. Feralina was a little beauty queen also, and she was a very regal cat. But she didn't get on her high horse often. She was a stray that I had been feeding for six months before having to sell my other house, and I nabbed her and took her with me. I can honestly say that I gave her the best six years of her life.

And it's not nice to make fun of other people's, er, cats' infirmities.....

What's wrong with your keyboard that all of your quotation marks and apostrophes are coming out as question marks? I know that happens sometimes when I copy text from online to post, and I've seen it sometimes on Jigidi when I use Google Translate, but I've never seen it from someone in the States. Are you typing your text somewhere else (such as in Word) and pasting them here?


I responded to your email hours ago.


LOL Gail!!! Yes I know our cats weren?t literally the same which was why I used calico (yours) and tortoise (mine) in my description to Kirsten as most people don't differentiate the two but the female thing holds true to both. I bet yours has a stately attitude as mine did; she didn't like other cats as if she thought she was better than them (I would tell her to get off her high horse because she wasn't exactly a beauty queen LOL). Mine started not being able to walk on her back feet a little over five years before her death and when I took her in, the vet said that she thought she threw a blood clot in the artery that meets at the top of her legs. Needless to say she walked on the flats of her legs for the rest of her life and she would thump on the wood floors when she walked and it was hilarious sounding when she ran, so I would call her thumper and she would get soooo mad at me. I had an actual calico before and she had the same attitude so I just thought yours would have the same tendencies...... hence the "sister" reference.

I'll check to see if you got the e I sent you


Also, where in Washington do you live? I'm trying to see how close we live to one another.


Aimee, please send me an email. I'm not comfortable talking on Jigidi about personal issues, but I do want to tell you something.

Fiesia was absolutely gorgeous. I can see how heartbroken you must have been to lose him. However, he looks absolutely nothing like Feralina. Feralina was a true calico, and Fiesia was not. I believe Fiesia was a muted tortie. Either that, or he was a torbie, a combination of tortoiseshell and calico. Here's an interesting article I just found in response to your question about calicos being female:


"Question: Are Calico Cats Always Female?

Many people are surprised to hear that the vast majority of calico cats are female. Why is this? Is it possible for a calico cat to ever be male? Learn about the genetics of coat color in this feline FAQ.

Answer: First off, what is a calico cat? A calico cat is not a breed of cat, it is a color pattern. To be called "calico", three colors must be present: black, white and orange. Variations of these colors include gray, cream and ginger. A "true" calico cat has large blocks of these three colors, a "tortoise shell" or "tortie" cat has a mix of these three colors (blended/swirled together more than distinct blocks of color). Be sure to stop by the Calico Cat Gallery on the Cats site to see photos of a variety of calico cats.

Now that a calico cat has been defined as a cat with three colors, the question is: why are they nearly always female? The answer is in genetics. Coat color in cats is a sex-linked trait, a physical characteristic (coat color) related to gender. Female animals have two X chromosomes (XX), males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY). The genetic coding for displaying black or orange color is found on the X chromosome. The coding for white is a completely separate gene.

Since females have two X chromosomes, they are able to "display" two colors (orange and black, or variations thereof) and white; creating the 3-color calico mix. Since males have only one X chromosome, they can only be orange OR black. It is more complicated than simply having the color genes -- it is a complex process of dominant and non-dominate genes interacting on the X chromosomes, but that is the basis for coat color in calico cats. For those of you interested in the detailed coat color genetics, please see the "Related Reading" articles at the bottom of this FAQ.

Can a calico cat ever be male? Yes, in rare instances. In this situation, the cat has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome (XXY). Cats with this chromosomal configuration are usually sterile (not able to breed). This is similar to a condition in humans called Klinefelter's syndrome, or XXY Syndrome."


Cats come in many colors, three of which are sex linked and generally occur only in female cats. The two best known sex linked cat colors are Calico and Tortoiseshell. There is also a third color, Torbie, which is also seen in females and is a version of calico combined with strong tabby markings


Hi Kirsten.... First off, I know I told you I was going to get walnuts today but we had a storm yesterday and wern't looking forward to getting soaked today as my cousin's weather forcast said it was going to be nasty today too and my forcast said it would be calm during the day and the next storm wouldn't be in until tonight. We opted to play it safe and go with her forcast but it's actually calm today. All was not a waste as I got my vote ballot completed (it was a long and complicated one this year) Yea?

So now I get to spend some much needed time trying to catch up on Jigidi and as you know I've been behind. I came across Gail's picture of Feralina in my bookmarks (all I can say is that I must have bookmarked it on one of those days that bookmarking was all I had time for) so I posted this to show her the resemblence. Now to answer you...... Yes you're right to guess "she" as it is extremely rare that a calico or tortoise cat is male. No, she no longer shares my home as she had to be put down a few years ago due to old age (she was 15). When I took her in to the vet for the last time (there had been many years that I would take her in thinking it was her last time) the vet told me that she had never seen a cat as healthy as Fiesia but with such complete organ failure and given her age she really didn't stand much chance of pulling through. I've always had a cat in tow where ever I moved to and when I purchased a home in CA the previous owner had abandoned some which I traped and got fixed. When I moved back to WA it was quite comical to have four cat carriers stacked in the back of my extended cab pickup for the 15 hour drive. All but Fiesia calmed down after the first hour or two but Fiesia insisted on complaining the whole way. So Fiesia was the last of them and no more cats for me as I live on a busy highway and can't stand the thought of one getting hit by a car. I miss having a cat!!!

My family now consists of two dogs so I'll look for some pictures of them and tell you about them then. I don't expect you to have to respond, it was just fun to reminisce.


Funny you should say that calleycat2.... I just posted this picture for Gail (Octomom) saying that her little one that she just lost reminded me of mine and that they could have been sisters although mine didn't have the white on her. LOL Thanks for the comment!


And who is this beautiful creature? Someone who shares your house? She (I don't know why I assume she's a she) has a beautiful face, Wascally. So c'mon. Spill the beans. I need to know more!!


Are you my sister???