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Painted Shells! (small)

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Our daughter left yesterday after a 2 week visit and things are settling back to normal hectic before we leave for our 10 year anniversary trip to Jamaica. We honeymooned there and are trying to recreate "the scene of the crime!" LOL


I'm finally getting caught up on some of your wonderful puzzles, Jan. How's everything?


Francine - everyone should watch that. Again, thanks!

Hester, I am sure you were on tadpole wine, but that's just fine by me!
And, if confessions are in order, Maggie told me she could do everything except the walking on her hind legs. I just know that it is the larger and lower center of gravity that she has, if you know what I mean. She takes after her mother, unfortunately! :D


Just had to watch that video. I have seen Mary Ray perform with her dogs several times and they are absolutely amazing!! Crufts show was last weekend but I missed it on tv as we were away. A Briard got into the final dozen for the first time!! Poor Freddy is feeling very inadequate after watching this! ;-))


Yet another top set, Jan! I particularly love the middle right one. It is like a little, angry bird sending lasere beams out of it's eyes!! And, before you ask, No, I haven't been on the tadpole wine! ;-)))


Was sure you'd like it. :)) I've shared it with Michelle & Bexter, of course.
...Isn't the Internet just great?! :))


Francine - that is the most wonderful video I have seen in months! See - that is why we know they are the smartest dogs ever! (see National Geographic article)


Hi Jan, am sharing this 6-min YT video of dancing border collies. Should you have the time to watch, it's impressive, especially around the 5:34 area.


Katie - cold and grey is the norm here now! :( Oh well....I'm glad you found this cheery! Thanks!!

Edie - I does look like fish! Thanks for your comments! :D


Good one Jan. Love the centre. Looks like a circle of kissing fish. Lots of variety. Thanks


This cheery collection is perfect for a cold and gray day! Thanks for the morning fun Jan!