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Theme: Reptiles - Mata Mata ( Amazon River Turtle )

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Ah, maybe you do like reptiles after all, Shirley. I questioned it in my comment on the iguana puzzle. Their shells are very rough. This fellow was at the Columbia Zoo in South Carolina. One of the workers actually drained this turtles tank so he could bring him out and let me look at him closely. Great fun!


I checked this guy out on the web, their shell are rough, not like other turtles, I could see what you mean about their eyes, not the most glamorous turtle, but very interesting. Thanks Jill.


He is MOST unusual looking! If you look back at the photo, look for his eyes. They are the tiny little bumps on each side of his head, real close to his snout; in fact, right atvthe point where the snout gets very slim! He's worth a Google tosee more pictures! Most welcome, dear Shirley!


He is unusual with his frilly neck, so different from the ones I've seen, Thanks Jill for the post.