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Thanks for getting back to me on that, and I think you made a good choice, for both you and me! I think it will be clearer for you, and I think it will get more solves for me! But I would certainly have posted it any size you wanted, believe me!


I didn't see your first reply last night - I was all prepared to tell you it wasn't important enough to worry about, but now I've read your second comment and I see that you have found it.

I can't see much difference between the two puzzles, but I trust your judgement. A mid 200 piece puzzle will do nicely. It's better to have a smaller, clearer puzzle rather than a 360 piece blurrier puzzle. Cheers.


I finally found the original! I stretched it, and it can go up to 360, but I think the image quality is not as good as this one is, which will go to the mid 200's, I think...

What do you think, and how many pieces would you prefer anyway?! Thanks, whatnauts!


I meant both you and Kathy, and also anyone else reading these comments--I posted the same request for info on all the puzzles in all the sizes I posted yesterday. And I tried to post this one today for you, but I couldn't find it! I wrote down the last 4 numbers of the LunaPic code, but I do that so that I can tell if I've posted a specific version (I make as many as ten or more of each Painting, and sometimes I can't easily remember which one I ended up posting!). Unfortunately, I need something like 12 numbers to actually search for the thing by number and not by sight... So I searched by sight, and didn't find it yet--but I will, I promise! It's in the downloads somewhere, that I know!


I haven't made any requests other than this one!


Will do, whatnauts! And thanks, to you and Kathy--a good time was had by all, but it's also good to be back home, and on Jigidi! Glad you're enjoying my new ones!

Did you see my comment about larger sizes of others? I've really lost track of which ones I promised to make larger, and I do intend to read through old comments to check, but if you yourselves remember which one or ones you wanted, if you could just write "this one" on it or something, it would really help, and would make it that much more likely that I'll remember to do it! Thanks!


Welcome back, Pat! Hope you all (people and pooches) had a wonderful time! Great puzzles so far... now off to the swirls! Yay!!


I love, love this one. I wouldn't mind seeing it larger, myself, someday....


Thanks, PJ--I don't think I've ever had a puzzle called elegant before! :-)


Delightful and elegant Mandy. Really enjoyed it.


Cool! LOL! Thanks, Mandy!


I'm dazzled, but not frazzled, thanks Pat


Before I left for vacation, I know I promised larger versions of several puzzles, some right before I went, and some from a while back. If anyone remembers one they wanted, could you please remind me?! I keep making new ones and forgetting my promises--I'm sorry! :-(((


I think you might have mentioned it once or twice, yes, Ardy! ;-)))

Thanks so much--I'm glad you liked the puzzle, and thank you for welcoming me back!


I'm looking down through multiple layers to a lovely courtyard. Delightful, colorful puzzle. Thanks, Pat. In case I've forgotten to mention it, it's so nice to have you back.

Would like this in a lot more pieces. Thank you