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Dedicated to "Pinknblack"!

80 pieces
105 solves
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So glad you had fun with this!


Janine, you are right, "Quartina hit all four perfectly. I was giggling to myself as I worked this. I looked at the thumbnail and saw the wood and the pink thread and went AWWWW; then the pink comfy sweater and thought how cozy; then to the teacup and spread and was so delighted, then I thought, what the heck is that in the left corner. I squinted and thought maybe it was an embroidery hoop. As soon as I started to work the puzzle and realized it was a pair of pink reading glasses I just cracked myself up. All four were winners. Quartina, thanks for thinking of me and giving me the giggles, even if I was alone to hear them. Thanks, friend. Hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am.

Pink will love this as she loves the old and quaint like me.
When I was young, I had a pink bedspread like that one :-)
All of these nice memories, thanks quartina ....Janine.