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the prislop monastery, geoagiu bai,romania

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It's a very strict and "clean" building, very beautifully constructed!! Thanks for your information, Vera! Kisses!


According to some local stories passed on by oral tradition, the monastery?s church may has been constructed by the apprentices of master-builder Nicodim in the 14th century.
The monastery underwent major repairs in 1564, through the generosity of Princess Zamfira, the daughter of Moise Voivode, who ruled over Walachia between 1529 and 1530. After her father had fallen in the battle of Viisoara that had taken place in 1530, the princess took refuge in the province of Transylvania, where she settled down and got married. She was entombed in this monastery.


Such a beautiful structure.!! Thanks for showing it.! :)


Is the stone building the monastery or the church with it?? How old is it?? Thanks so much Vera, kisses!