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Hi, I'm back again.

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I played in the snow and my feet became too cold. Do you see I need a haircut again? I will go Saterday and after we pick up aunt Elly, she will stay with us for some days.


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Thanks Nicky, She did not really have cold feet, it was just for fun.


Don't know how I missed this one, Ank - soooo cute in those little socks. Do hope her feet warmed up quickly! She is such a good girl to let you put them on her - I can't see me new kitty letting me do that, but she has very hairy toes so should keep warm once she starts to go out lol!


Bowwow wiss wiss, Micky

Sorry Mimi, she can't pronounce the "k".


Micky, you are just plain adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Jan and Talia. And she sits real easy with it. Talia Micky is a toypoodle, female and 10 years old. Spoiled but very sweet.


He or she is very cute with his (here) socks. Thank you puzzeljac.


Such cute little feet warmers! You're a dolly, Micky! Thanks, Ank!


TUT. Je weet wel beter. Hoi schone zus

Ank,zelf gebreid?????


Hi Pat Suzy and Cathy. The socks were just for fun for the photo. I don't think her feet where really cold. I'm sure Micky will enjoy the visit of Elly, just like Henk and I. And Elly will enjoy it too. After Micky's haircut we drive to Rijswijk and take Elly with us to Leeuwarden. Cathy I know. But next week when I have new puppy photos I will show them.


The puppies are cute but we love Micky so much! Thank you Ank.


One can hope that Micky has a closet full of shoes! :) Have a nice haircut and enjoy Aunt Elly!

There is nothing like warm feet on a cold winter day.


Ja leuk, maar even later verliest ze ze. Geeft niet het is maar lol.


Wat schattig zijn die sokjes.


Thanks Jana and Sandy. I love your sweet comments. Jana I will look for your photos.


Cute socks for Micky. What a lucky dog and doggie parents.


Hi Ank, doing wonderful guide to the puzzle, I read your comment and tekchal also has a black poodle, you are absolutely indispensable. I ran an hour with a shovel and still more and more snow, I made photos from a walk with the dog, you'll see tonight. I love you for what you're doing, you're golden, thank you so much, big hugs :-)))


Thanks Denise Ardy Patti Jan and Cappy.
I knew you missed me, that's why I said, hey it's my turn again, that puppies are sweet but my friends wants me. Thanks for missing me, I promisse I will take good care for aunt Elly. I love her so much. Bowwow Micky.
Denise it can't wait, her hair is long and very curly, I can not brush. Her hair is very thick. But in winter it is not cut so short. Cappy I'm glad you love her photos too.

micky you are so cute. ilove seeing your pictures .


Micky you are adorable, you know it too. Be nice for Aunt Elly


Awww, cute cute cute!!! Thank you, Ank!


Thanks for posing, Micky. Did you enjoy your few days out of the spotlight? You were missed. Hope the weather stays ok so you can get your haircut and bring aunt Elly back with you. Take good care of her, Micky. You know just how to do it best. Thanks, Ank.


Micky I missed you, sorry you were so cold, but you look sweet in your socks:-)
Hi Ank, maybe you should forgo the hair dresser until it gets warmer:-)hugs


Hi Patty Hanne and Tekchal, I'm glad you love the pic. She does not wear the socks for long, it's cute for the photo, but after sometime I find the socks everywhere. Thanks girls.


She IS a little sweetheart. I tried getting my poodles to wear boots, but it was a no go. Buttons used to love it when I tried to make a snowman. He'd dig it out for me.


SOOO good that your ma have socks for you, sweetie!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Micky is a cutie.... thanks Sis


Thanks Lorna Shirley and Sissel. Every 6 weeks she needs her haircut, I know it's often, but it is necessary as you see.
Sis I have been thinking of you, I'm glad it's going well.


Cutie - well day yesterday with new things - greatings for Micky and aunt Elly :-)


Keeping your socks on Micky, that's a good girl, Thanks Ank.


It is good to see darling Micky again, and she looks so cute in her little socks. I can see that her fur has grown a lot, but I think she visits the "hairdresser" more than I do Ank!


OK, then you best stay in and play Jigidi. Hugs.


You're too good Ank, here densely falling snow and is also -4 C.
Today we connect to shovel too man. :-)) Do not worry, I drive carefully, do not hurry, roads were good, I do not know what will be today, but I do not have to go anywhere, big hug my friend :-))))


Wow Jana, frozen to the ground. That was a hard job. Take care with driving. Over here the streets are clean, they expect snow today. The temp is -3.1C at 9:00 AM. I'm on my way now to help you with the shovel. Have a beautiful day my friend.


Hi Sweetie Micky , I'm sorry that you have cold feet, but you kind of cute socks . Today my car was frozen to the ground , the car had no socks and we could not leave , we had to give hot water and gravel under the wheels.
It's freezing and snowing again and the shovel is waiting. Say hello to Ank and big hug to both :-))))