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Happy 6th Birthday Jigidi!

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Many thanks to Magnus and Stefan for this wonderful site!


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Thanks Mandy!


It's a very stylised map, and very lovely idea Katie!!! Thanks


i understand, my country is verry small,it's smaller than New York!


It's in there somewhere Jacques! Maybe if I could have reproduced a sharper image from what I copied from Yahoo images...but it does seem that this particular puzzle only labeled the biggest countries.


I do not see Belgium?


Thanks Jan! I love all the new friends I have here.


Katie - what a fun puzzle! Love the puzzle pieces. And, the sentiment is perfect! Thanks so much!!


Thanks so much Chrissie! It's fun to troll around looking for images to cut into pieces!

Looking forward to meeting you Pat!

That's so cool laurajane!


Meeting for lunch is really fun! I met chickiemama last October and Celeste earlier this month. It was really great! They are extra special to me now. I think Healer also lives in OH.


Any day but Thursday and Friday..... If things pick up I will have to work on Tuesday. But will let you know more after tomorrow....


Good find, Katie! How appropriate this is for Jigidi - you are an excellent researcher, girl :-)


Thanks Barb! We sure got lots of great Jigidi puzzles today!

Good to know laurajane! Just 2 states over, and 1 time zone. Part of the fun and interest here is having some idea where all the jigidiers are in the world. pkin38 and I found out we're only about 45 minutes from each other and plan to meet near the middle for lunch one day soon.


Lovely puzzle, Katie, thanks. Wonderful sentiments that I think we all share, and well expressed through your design. :-)


Litchfield, IL.


Thanks Pat! We're lucky to be so close to each other. Maybe there will be some nice days in February. Can you get away on a week day?

Thanks so much laurajane! I'm in Columbus, Ohio - where are you? (No need to be really specific if you don't want to be.)


Hi Katie. You have made a great puzzle. A nice tribute to the Jigidi site. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Love it ...Thanks to Stefan and Magnus we are going to meet one of these days.. Beautiful card Katie..


Thanks Pat! There are so many wonderful people that gather here every day! I have good search skills and found this image via Yahoo. Those years working at a university are paying off!


Fabulous, fun puzzle (and way beyond anything I could manage, believe me!), Katie, and perfect sentiments! Thanks--to you, and to Jigidi! :-)))


Thank you Lucy! Your kind words are very encouraging. Hugs!

Thanks Wendy! I'm just amazed at all the people I've met here. I found this image via Yahoo and knew it fit perfectly. Thank YOU for noticing and commenting!


Katie, the words you chose are spot on! re: "Jigidi brings together friends from all over the world!" And WHOA, I just noticed that the land is shaped with puzzle pieces. What a wonderful idea!


You have done wonders ,i am not even close to your skills.I'm glad your heart is where it is. hugs


Thanks PJ! I just wish I had better computer skills and could make images sharper! My heart is in the right place.


Just love your puzzle Katie - wonderful idea. Admire your design with puzzle shaped areas!!!!


Thanks for stopping by Ardy.


Thanks again to Magnus and Stefan. The world is a smaller and happier place on Jigidi. Thanks, Katie.


Thanks leslieg, Ank, gnt and Lela! We do know how to have fun here!


Good one, funny-eye-with-numbers!........


yahoooooooooooooo jigidi U are right buckeye


Hi Katie, a lovely puzzle. Thanks to Jigidi, they made our world better.


Yes, hooray for Jigidi! This map reminds me of school projects made from salt, flour, and water clay. Then painted with tempra before it was dry because it was bedtime on the night before it was due! Pretty colors and great sentiment. I am soooo happy I found Jigidi.