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Warm Metallics

45 pieces
58 solves
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Oh dear, Dear... 'tis not a pome but a song!

To be sung to the tuna of "Oh, I wish I was a fishie in the sea..."

Thanks to Herself's cleverer than I artistry I have been humming the perishing thing for 24 hours straight! Even when I woke in the night it was humming in the recesses of my head! Help, rid me of this ear worm!!


Yes, L, you must sleep. It appears you have gone 6 days without sleep! Actually, the clever side of you rivals that of Ever the Clever, a feat not to be ignored. Not to be ignored either, is your poetry. It is quite good! Long gone from this mind is the type.....Iambic Pentameter is all I can remember and I could not differentiate that from anything else. Ah, I deviate! I must say, such verse should be published! There is a Fractal Foundation. They would, most likely, love to pit it in print, dear,one!!


Ode To a Singing, Edible Expanding Multi-faceted Fractal

Oh I wish I was a Julia Mandelbrot...
Oh I wish I was a Julia Mandelbrot...
I'd 'iter' and I'd 'ate' over everybody's plate....
Oh I wish I was a Julia Mandelbrot....

They might be gummy, but they fill the tummy....
The colors and designs are, oh, so yummy.....

Going to bed now, bet you're glad..... Good Night.... Sweet dreams Good Buddy..... :) :)


Why, thank you, dear Shirley! Yes, what we have here is a multi-faceted fractal. .. it expands, it sings, and it is edible! I am so glad you think it is lovely and has gorgeous color! At this point I do better to work with fewer "its", lol! Thanks, dear friend. .... :-))


Now what do we have here! Expanding Mandelbrots, Sweet Music rock band, 1000 'its' ( or is that hits) and some lovely 'brots' ( or is that broth) well Jill dear this sounds like a fun time for all, Thank you Jill I think you have created a lovely puzzle, gorgeous colour, and the less 'its' is the way to go.


Now, my dear, this has "its" but a mere 1000 vs yesterday's mega fractal that had 25,000.I'm really glad you liked this one. Ooooh, I love "brots", they are yummy. I do think you misspelled it, however!..... :-)


A rock band, indeed., Lets form a trio. With today's technology, distance means nothing! The only way it would fail would be for lack of talent. Hmmmm, the trio has just lost a third of its potential success., Thanks, dear T. Actually they are shrinking..... this has 1000 max iteration. Thanks, my dear!...... :-)


OK... What happened to my "Its" ??? This is gorgeous Jillia... Subtle tone changes and fascinating details.... Your "brots" are wonderful.... :) :)


Cool puzzle! Title sounds like a rock band :-)
Thank you, Jillia - your Mandelbrots are expanding.