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Happy New Year to all my dear Jigidi Friends!

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Why Ann, thank you! What a beautiful wish for my new year! And I hope yours will be as wonderful as this!


Mimi, may only the best of everything you want in your life be yours this year, and all that you don't want in your life be forever banished...................


Thanks Cevas and Ank. I am so glad you like this. I am looking forward to a great Jigidi year with all my dear Jigidi friends!


Wow lovely Mimi, beautiful colors. Of course I wish you also all the best. A year with good health, for the both of you. A year with fun and love and joy. A nice year with all your Jigidi friends.

Sandy, sounds like fun.


Very pretty! Thank you mipahollo. And I wish you a happy new year too!
(Chickiemama, that sounds good! )


Oh yes we will! I am planning a jigidi gift exchange puzzle between company this month. I will make a puzzle asking who wants in on it. Then I will draw names and we can make a puzzle gift to the person who's name was drawn for them. It will be fun, so stay tuned. It can be a funny puzzle gift or a nice one. Which ever you choose.


Thanks Chickie. I know we'll have lots of Jigidi fun in 2013!


Happy New Year to you too mimi!


Thank you Shirley, that makes me feel better! And a great year to you too!


Mimi, you may not have made the card, but you choose it, and you choose well, it's beautiful, Thank you, Mimi, Have a wonderful2013.


Michelle, our comments must have crossed! Thanks so much and I look forward to more Jigidi fun in the new year.

Thanks, it's fun to get a Happy New Year from a Merry Christmas!

Thanks Sladjana, lets have a great year!

PG you are wonderful and I look forward to much fun in 2013!

Thank you Snooker for being one of my first Jigidi friends. I think only SallyandSally came first. It's been great!

Thank you Robbos, hope your is great too!


Happy New Year, Mimi.

Beautiful puzzle. Have a great New Year, Mimi.


Thank you delightful one and many more to you and the family.


Thanks Mimi,all the best for You and your family in 2013 :)

happy new year


Hope your year is just great Hanne!


SOOOOO inviting, such beautiful colours, thanks so very much Mimi!!


Oh, how pretty Mimi! Such cheerful colours with which to start the day. I hope that your New Year is wonderful too!


Thanks Punkin and Tex. I'm glad you like it. I don't know how to make cards like all you others do, so I have to depend on pictures. I'm glad this pleases, for the wish is sincere! I hope the new year brings much joy to both of you dear friends! And to you too Jan - I sure don't want to leave you out!


Very nice colors, even the marshmallows! Thanks, Mimi, and Happy New Year to you too!


Quite a festive way to bring in the New Year! Have a great one, Mimi!


Thank you Jan and the same to you!


Happy New Year, Mimi!
What a refreshing puzzle! I adore the color combination!

Have a perfect 2013!! :D