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Our Produce Garden - Strawberry Plants, Covered with Netting to Keep Birds Away

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Nan, I'm so sorry for your bad experience with those bees! Our strawberries & other produce garden plants are all planted on top of hay bales, so no danger from the ground nesting type. I do not like yellow jackets, as they are a type of wasp, very vicious & aggressive, & they nest underground. I've been stung by them several times & am also allergic, but fortunately not too seriously. I was stung several times at once when my Hubs & daughters were moving a wood pile. Hubs & Daughters escaped, but I was in my herb garden next to the wood pile, & when I tried to leave my garden (the gate was near the wood pile) they chased me & our dog Howie who was trying to protect me! Oldest Daughter rushed down to the store & bought me some Benedryl, which really helped with swelling, along with Tylenol for pain & hydrocortizone for the itching. They stung poor Howie several times too! It seems to me that some insects, especially bee & wasp types, are actually attracted to me for some reason. My Mom swore the same thing & we joked about it, but I've since come around to believe her. We bomb them if they nest on or too near to our house. We would have bombed them in a situation like yours too. I'm a live & let live person about bugs & other critters too, but I have my limits, LOL!


Gina, hope your experience is better than mine. We had a strawberry patch in VA, near the fence. I kept getting attacked and stung by ground bees or yellow jackets - had to go to the Urgent Care when they stung my face a few times. Finally realized they had a nest underground, opening on the other side of the fence. Every time I weeded, it disturbed their nest and they went on attack. Finally had my husband 'bomb' the opening one night. I hate to kill insects or other critters but couldn't risk further stings. My Mom developed (over time) a dangerous reaction to stings. Seems I have the potential for the same. Sigh. Prefer to live and let live. nan