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Write a Caption! man & sheep

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Wonderful captions!!! Thanks so very much to all of you!


Sheila was willing to put up with a little humiliation in order to live in the toasty people house.


I am a farmer, and have had sheep on this farm since 1995. This IS a sheep.

Okay, for starters, that's NOT a sheep. What is it???


This guy didn't listen when the teachers said we wouldn't absorb what's in our text books by putting them under our pillows. He figures he'll wake up to find nice, warm, new knitted socks on his feet.


I love ewe.

The 'PETA' approved version of sheepskin slippers!


The newest thing for self sufficient people! Get them now while supplies last! All natural, self mobile, washable footstools! They can also produce fresh, wholesome milk for your family! They even manufacture fertilizer for your organic garden! And if you tire of them, they can be used for both rugs and food! Call 555-5555 now for this limited time offer! If you call today, we'll even include 2 smaller footstools! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!!!!


Stinky feet, stinky feet. Someone get rid of the stinky feet!!!!!!!


Harold found a unique way to indulge both his love of sheepskin rugs and his steadfast veganism...


Where to start? LOL!
Rod Stewart getting his inspiration for "You make me feel brand new".