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108 pieces
162 solves
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created by jbp using MS Powerpoint


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Now this is what I call a puzzle!!!! It really made my brain work, and still took way longer than I expected - the clues were all there, but the pieces still didn't' want to line up!!!! I love it! Thanks Jenn ☺♥☺


thanks zzzzz... so glad you like it. so sorry to hear about your hand... my heart goes out to you!


Jenn, I don't know if you know this or not, but I can no longer solve puzzles. My hand is a wreck so I figured that it was solving or creating, and I chose creating. It's hard enough for me to create one puzzle a day now. But when I see a gem like this, I still want to leave a comment, and so I have. :-))))))


Absolutely AWESOME, Jenn! WOW!!!!!!