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For Our Northern Friends~Look Ahead!

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Mountain, I agree with you except for the summers in Texas, they're awful after May! Thanks, Sis, Morris, Bloorox & Mountain. Glad you stopped by to enjoy the puzzle.


Well, you know I love this one, Sis! Thank you!


I love it tex, and I am!!


Mountain is so right! Each season is beautiful in its own way! And this is a wonderful spring photo! Thanks, Tex!


Beautiful blossoms but I enjoy every season as it comes, each one has its own special beauty
Thanks texasstar7


Warbler, what a kind thing to say! You made my day (evening)! RR, not only floods, that hail is destructive. But, like Maryrob says, we've weathered them before. As long as our person is safe, that's what matters. Things can be replaced. Thanks, everyone, glad you enjoyed the jig.


OHHHHHH,I think this is gorgeous too.Thanks Texas,I guess if you get storms that means they will be heading my way too.Oh well we have weathered them before.


You make alot of folks happy, with your Jigiti's Tex. Thanks.


This looks like a lovely place to take a walk tex. I hope the wild weather is kind to you - after your earlier floods you can do without another dose!! Stay safe!


Mimi, it isn't here yet, but will be after midnight, with expectations of hail and high wind and possibly violent storms. Just been gloomy today, so I stayed in and pretended we had snow too!


A lovely scene and the perfect time for it. I hear you are getting some heavy rain and it's coming our way tomorrow!


PamCal, you're so welcome! Thinking of you and all our Jig friends buried up in the snow. Stay safe!

Thank you for thinking of us up here. 2 feet+ already and we are expecting another 5-6" before the blizzard ends. Those trees are such a welcome sight. Thanks again.


Angel, I hope you're successful hosting the two families. I just love bluebirds, but we don't have them here, well, except for bluejays. Thanks, Angel & CM.

That really is pretty, tex. But.........

......the bluebirds that raised 5 babies in my backyard last year were checking out my bird houses! I hope the lady likes one of them. Daddy sits on the top while Mom checks out the nursery decor to see if it pleases her. :-))) That convinces me there will be an early Spring. Maybe they will have two families this summer.


Very pretty. Wish I had those beautiful trees in my yard in the Spring.