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Even My Huge, Old Maple Tree Is Blooming---AND Seeding!

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@Monica---:-} ............


Hi there Ann! If you don't think anyone else would be interested in seeing pic's of your yard then I wouldn't go through the trouble for just little old me! Save your energy for more important stuff! O.K.? I truly understand, I do! As far as my problem with Fibromyalgia goes, I don't care for pain killers so I just deal with the pain and have done so for the last 13 years! It's been really hard on me but I get through each and every day with a lot of prayer from my family and friends! I do wish I had a high pain tolerance like you, that would help a great deal if I did! Oh well, I do the best I can, and exercise helps a bit too! So I try to walk some every day! I'm serious about the pics of your yard Ann, really, don't worry about it! I'll just imagine it in my mind from all of the fun facts you've given me about it! Chat with you later...Monica


Hi Nana. I've been here almost 25yrs and it was a big, full-grown tree when I bought my place. The only time anything has damaged it in that time was the Super Storm of '93. That storm tore up my house & property pretty badly. I describe it in one of my other puzzles. The damage to this maple was a BIG limb ripped off---it's what totaled my sports car after the garage roof blew off. You just can tell a bit of openess on the right side of this photo---that's where the limb was, just out of the frame. This tree is way too big & strong for our little wimpy N.Fla. freezes to hurt, hawhaw---thank goodness. Thanks for visiting & I'm glad you like my tree........

Monica, I looked back to see if I still had any puzzles showing bits of my land & only found one showing some of the live oaks & moss. I remember clearing out a bunch of my old stuff awhile back. Guess I could take some more photos but I imagine most people have already seen my other photos or just wouldn't be interested. or would be bored. I do still have three really big live oaks. I did have five but the storm I mentioned above took out two of them, AND dumped them right on top of my house! Those I have left are gorgeous. I have pecan trees, ta-a-llll pine trees, river birches, weeping willow---I did have two but one died when the water run was gone & this one isn't doing very well---and assorted other trees. Plus The Wild Wood, for the critters.
I cannot imagine having to live with fibromyalgia. Does ANY medicine help much? With my spinal disc problems I am lucky in that I can take a drug to prevent spasms but I cannot take pain relievers. Good thing I have a fairly high pain tolerance. As for mowing, it takes a bit over an hour unless I have let it go. It's only an acre & a half.
I'll see about more pictures soon. Thanks, Monica...........


What a beautiful old tree! I hope it doesn't freeze, too. They are pretty tough, so maybe it will be fine. Thanks for sharing this!


Wow! You do have some big trees in your yard don't you? With all of that land that you own, where on earth do you find the energy to mow all of it! And, on a weekly basis for that matter! I don't think I could do it! Of course I'm considered a worse case scenario patient for Fibromyalgia! So, I wouldn't be able to, even if I wanted to! Do you have pic's of all of your land? I'd sure love to see what you've done with it!


Thanks Ank. Temps are forecast for in the 80sF the next few days which will make it even more risky for the plants. Let's just hope there will not be any freezes even if we do get some cold snaps. That would be a pity.............


Very beautiful Ann. I hope it will not become cold anymore. It would be pity.


Thanks Ladies. Here where I live it seems that Winter jumps to Spring in late Feb. & then by March it is already looking like Summer is about to get here. It varies so it is really hard to say just when each season arrives. I haven't had any freezes at my house this Winter, or else they were very light & I didn't notice, and I usually have had two or three by now. This is what worries me---I'm afraid a freeze will hit us and most flower buds will be killed for this year. Just have to wait & see. Thanks for checking in.............


This is way too early..... Great puzzle though...


When does spring usually arrive?? Thanks so very much Ann!!!